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Coffee tastes better with a positive aura at Cafe Beato

Coffee tastes better with a positive aura at Cafe Beato

Coffee tastes better when you have an outstanding view in front of you. Café Beato offers an experience where you can enjoy talking solemnly with your friends, study for your academic requirements, and take photos for your Instagram feed goals. This is not your typical coffee shop which only offers regular coffee. Here are some reasons why Café Beato should be on your bucket list!

Coffee tastes better with good research

The back story of Café Beato gives an inspiring output to their consumers. The shop owner is Norman Antonio, 30, a graduate of Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Asia and Pacific. He has loved making coffee since then and decided to make his plans a dream come true experience. He started researching coffees, tried to master his competition, and now he grasped it by having regular customers there. The coffee business these days is trending, so you have to memorize the competition. In doing this, research should always be a priority. It may sound tensive because that’s where everyone suffers in college, but Café Beato proves that it is the key to a successful business. 

Before committing successfully to business, Norman became a barista at their school. His mentor told him that coffee drinkers usually like the bitter-sweet flavor of coffee. Then he was offered the blend of coffee beans they can use for their typical drinks taste. Until now, those beans remain their only source of perfect coffee. Café Beato shimmers in the market because of their values. To make a successful coffee, they believe bitterness comes first. Now, they’re enjoying the sweetness of their success in the market. 

Sweet service and strong management

Café Beato believes in a philosophy where everyone deserves to be treated with respect and high recognition. He always messages his regular customers to see if their staff are doing great or if they need to be trained better. In its excellent feedback, no one mentioned that his staff was rude or unprofessional. His management in Café Beato is trained to treat customers in high esteem. No one should be treated rudely, and they should always come with sweet service. 

This is probably what makes Café Beato special. They make sure that no customers are treated differently. Coffee should be enjoyed at a table where only a positive aura should be felt. People can try coffee around the world, but only a few give good customer service. Café Beato is definitely one of those. 

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Heavenly lighting for the Instagram experience

Most coffee shops are trending because of their aesthetic interior designs. Well, Café Beato played it differently. How about an outstanding view from the top with fascinating sky background for your photos? You can also play your pictures in their minimalist interior designs. Customers who want to play shots serving a nature vibe are welcome in Café Beato. Their service does not just end in coffee, but they also serve good setting for your Instagram photos. Here are some Instagram-friendly images taken in the coffee shop. 

Café Beato is located at Malhacan, Meycauayan Bilog. Besides the famous Simbahang Bilog, customers will see a small building where they can enter. Indeed, the place is perfect for students who are swamped with finishing their academic tasks, friends who want quality time, and people who just want to reminisce. This place was made not just to satisfy

Coffee tastes better with a positive aura. May it be with your friends, or you just want to reminisce alone. Cafe Beato offers a good environment that you will surely enjoy. To know more about coffee, please read this article.

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