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INSTAGRAM RAID: Aesthetically-pleasing coffee drinks by yourcoffeedude

INSTAGRAM RAID: Aesthetically-pleasing coffee drinks by yourcoffeedude

Nothing is better than the first cup of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning — whether or not it’s your usual hot coffee or iced coffee. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. Coffee is an essential and everyone knows that especially that one guy on Instagram called yourcoffeedude. So, let me list down ten of my favorite videos from November 2022 alone.

INSTAGRAM RAID: Aesthetically-pleasing coffee drinks by yourcoffeedude

Chocolate Chip Iced Latte

If you know me, I love some sort of chocolate added to my coffee. It’s like mixing two of the things that I love to consume the most — coffee and chocolate. The music that yourcoffeedude attached to this video is undeniably calming but it makes you excited to see that finished product. 

Cocoa Iced Latte

Combined with Lucy Ellis singing Just The Two of Us, yourcoffeedude puts the coffee in a plastic milk carton that anyone can buy from anywhere. As long as you screw on the top properly, your coffee won’t spill and you can bring it anywhere. It’s amazing, really. It’s making me want to buy my very own milk carton. That way, I have a separate bottle just for my coffee. 

Cold Foam Iced Coffee

I love iced coffee so much. The thing is — the heat triggers my chronic migraines and drinking hot coffee adds to the heat that my body accumulates. And, I consume cold drinks like water and coffee to try and avoid that. The cold foam iced coffee was filled with ice which made my cold heart beat warmer. yourcoffeedude even put a cheerful remix to make you more excited to consume this drink. 

Nutella Iced Latte

As mentioned before, I love adding chocolate to my coffee. If you have a nearly empty Nutella glass, then this is the best thing for you to do. yourcoffeedude added two shots of espresso to the glass and shook it to remove all the leftover Nutella. Add ice and it’s *chef’s kiss*

Mocha Frappuccino

Aside from iced coffee, frappuccino also has my heart in a chokehold. Using a blender is the best choice for a frappe. yourcoffeedude instructed his followers to add shots of espresso, 100ml of milk with ice cubes, a humongous teaspoon of Nutella, and dark chocolate chips. Aside from the beauty of the drink, the video is also attached with relatable audio that I live through every single day. 

Cinnamon Greek Frappe

This was probably one of the prettiest drinks that yourcoffeedude created in November 2022. Although I don’t like cinnamon that much, the beauty of this drink is just making me want to taste it. The froth is just so light and puffy and so pretty! And, the song attached to the video just adds to the beauty of it all.

Cold Brew Iced Latte

I love the mushroom glass that yourcoffeedude used. I want one! He poured over a double cold brew shot that will really wake you up in the morning. And, he added chocolate chips on top? I’m definitely sold. The ethereal song attached to it just calms me down and makes me rewatch the video over and over again. 

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Caramel Iced Teddy Latte

I don’t like caramel in my coffee… but, the teddy that yourcoffeedude put inside… It looks so cute! All you need to have is a mold of a teddy bear or some cute whatever you want to see melting in your coffee. Seeing the teddy swimming around the coffee would just make my day. 

Chocolate Pudding Iced Latte

The audio attached to this video is usually used to show off a lover or a kilig moment that only happens in the books. But, personally, it fits perfectly in this video. yourcoffeedude added chocolate pudding, and espresso shot, ice, and some silky milk into the cup. Then, he continued to sprinkle chocolate chips on top. I don’t know if it was obvious, but I am definitely in love with this drink and I will be replicating it ASAP. 

Coffee Cube Latte

Preparing iced coffee cubes the day before will make you excited for the day ahead. And, I will definitely replicate this drink (minus the cinnamon). I will definitely fill up my ice tray with coffee, pour over the milk, and instead of cinnamon, I will use cocoa powder on top that yourcoffeedude recommended. 

Which one is your favorite among the videos from yourcoffeedude? Let us know in the comments section below!

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