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What Public Speaking Gave Me to Face My College Years

What Public Speaking Gave Me to Face My College Years

Many students join public speaking organizations for various reasons. Some wishes to seek the thrill of the performing arts, while others wish to simply improve their oratory skills. And there are others like me, who wish to do both! Here are skills and perks that I’ve developed and applied in my College program that made me grateful I’ve become a public speaker:

Public speaking gave me structure

One of the first few things you’ll learn upon practicing public speaking is that you need structure. The clarity of your topic relies heavily on the organization of your thoughts, may it be for debate or prepared and extemporaneous speech. I was especially fond of the inverted pyramid structure, where the bulk of information can be found at the top, and the least important ones at the bottom. This structure helped me as a Journalist because I long knew about it before we were even studying it. Writing became natural as I also think and speak the same way. Public speaking teaches us cohesiveness of thoughts that will be beneficial when talking and connecting with other people. 

Public speaking taught me confidence

 Three years in college gave me more reporting tasks compared to both my first and secondary education combined. We know that preparing for a report is quite different from actually doing the report. It takes absolute confidence in yourself and your content to deliver an effective and persuasive report. Public speaking teaches us the necessary skills to stand in the middle of a crowd without losing our composure. It saves us from the fear of the spotlight and grants us a platform to score a straight A!

Public speaking gave me a platform

Like any college in the world, being in a state university will literally siphon a chunk of your soul out of your body. Sleepless nights, stacks of paper, endless consolation with lazy groupmates, whatever it is, if it’s college-related, it WILL cause you stress. This still doesn’t include elusive relationships, current politics, and family problems you’ll face. Public speaking gave me a platform for both emotionally-creative ravings and an actual stand for my views. It both served as an escape from the stressful world of academics and a healthy way to discuss various interests and topics. Nothing can be more liberating than vocally expressing all your pent-up emotions and perceptions in a valid channel.

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Public speaking will give you a family.

Public speaking organizations can have intense and highly competitive members, but you could rest assured that they are the most open-minded people you’ll ever meet. Performers tend to have very colorful personalities, each one distinct from the last. You’ll learn to love or hate them, but regardless of which one, you will also learn to treat them with respect. The accumulation of these people oddly creates a genuine bond that is reflective and endearing, created by countless pieces of training and moments together. If you are looking for a way to grow among like-minded people, then you should consider joining a public speaking organization.

Who could’ve guessed that speaking to a crowd would make me a stronger and better student? At the end of the day, we all learn from something if we take what we’re doing to heart. In a world where interconnectivity is the future, we must find our voice to connect, persuade, and express. 

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