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Creative Hacks: Pieces of Creative Advice I’ve learned in College

Creative Hacks: Pieces of Creative Advice I’ve learned in College

Part of studying a BA Broadcasting program in college is our exposure to the creative production of our ideas. These formulated ideas will be pitched to our production teams or professors and would later become our produced media content. Regardless of the form of content we create, our formulation of ideas plays a vital role in our overall production process. These ideas serve as the core and backbone of the whole production. Therefore, without them, how are we to make progress?

But with our constant need to produce content comes our necessity to frequently conceptualize new ideas. Yet, in that case, what happens when we run short of concepts? How do we remedy a shortage of ideas? Or, better yet, how do we prevent its insufficiency?

As they say that “prevention is better than cure,” here are a few creative hacks I’ve learned in College to prevent a scarcity of ideas:

Keeping an Ideas File

Ever had a random thought suddenly pop up in your head while taking a shower? Or perhaps before sleeping or while you’re on your ride home? Unbeknownst to many, ideas come to us more frequently than we thought. That’s because, sometimes, ideas come from the most arbitrary circumstances you could find. You suddenly remember an old memory from your childhood that could make a good story – poof – you just generated a new idea! Walking on the street, you saw a man fiddling with his guitar – poof – another concept is born! 

The truth is, the world is in no shortage of ideas to provide. However, with our brain’s insufficient capacity to store specific details in life, we are prone to forget these ideas. Hence, the importance of keeping an ideas file! An ideas file can help you store your new concepts for later use. It could be anything from a tiny notebook to your cellphone notes. But whatever it is, make sure that it is handy for you to add notes anytime a new thought crosses your mind.

Maintaining a Journal

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Besides taking ideas from random thoughts or encounters, another source of ideas is your personal experiences in life. And what’s your best source of information other than your own journal? So, besides the benefit of honing your writing skills, journalling also helps you store possible ideas taken from your own experiences. Who knows, maybe your next movie script pitch will be based on your life anecdotes?

Conducting Brainstorm Sessions

Finally, since most of our projects are done in groups, what’s a better way to conceive ideas rather than brainstorming with your group? As they say, “two (or maybe more) heads are better than one,” visualizing ideas with a group helps produce more options to consider. Even further, brainstorming can help improve our ideas to possibly maximize their full potential. So if you’re working with a group, start a brainstorming session to come up with good pitches.

Looking for helpful tips to help keep those creative juices flowing? Try considering the regular practice of the abovementioned hacks to help prevent a scarcity of ideas today!

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