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Lloyd Luna: The Country’s First Registered Speaking Professional

Lloyd Luna: The Country’s First Registered Speaking Professional

When I was in high school, I had the chance to attend a local leadership seminar. It was about youth empowerment and how they should be drivers of the future. One of the speakers was introduced using a video presentation.

It was my first time seeing one, so I thought the speaker must be big, he must be grand. He talked for almost an hour, and after his speech, I must say it was worth the effort. From there, I have known Mr. Lloyd Abria Luna.

Who is Lloyd Abria Luna?

Photo | Wikimedia Commons

Lloyd Abria Luna is the first registered speaking professional in the Philippines. Also known as #PambansangInspirasyon, he is a motivational speaker, writer, publisher, and entrepreneur. He authored 17 self-help books and has given at least 120 speeches annually since 2005.

Lloyd Abria Luna’s Titles and Recognition

Besides his recognition being the bestselling author of over 15 books, he is also the first and only Filipino to represent the country in the Global Speakers Summit, the first to speak in French and European Speakers Convention, and the first and youngest to become a member of the board of Global Speakers Federation. At age 37, he was awarded the highest recognition given by the provincial government of Quezon to its notable civilian achievers, the Quezon Medal of Honor.

He has been featured in over a thousand conventions and media interviews and spoken to big companies such as P&G, Nestle, Globe, and the Office of the President of the Philippines.

His unfiltered life story sharing has inspired people from the Philippines and other Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Brunei, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, and Thailand. His discourses range from personal and career development, sales motivation, personal branding, and his profession, public speaking.

Lloyd Luna’s Works

Among his bestselling works are “Is There A Job Waiting for You?”, “The Obvious Reasons for Success,” and “Why Am I Working?”

Is There A Job Waiting for You?

Photo | Lloyd Luna

This book is a collection of Lloyd’s experiences and learning as he met successful people from all over Asia through time. For fresh graduates or graduating students like me, I fear not having a job right after college the most. In this piece, he shared nine effective methods to make jobs look for us instead of looking for them.

The Obvious Reasons for Success

The truth, though, is that there’s no secret to success – only obvious reasons for success.

Lloyd Luna
Photo | Lloyd Luna

It has become normal to envy successful people. When asked how they became successful, their answer would be, “I worked hard, I did not give up, I believe in myself.” It was all obvious that we thought they were gatekeeping something.
But the reality is, they were all true. We knew it, but we do not take action. As Lloyd put it,

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We know what successful people know, but we don’t do what they do.

One of the objectives of this book is to impart the realizations that you have to look for your way to success.

“Why Am I Working?”

Photo | Lloyd Luna

We all work to live, for money to buy necessities or luxurious things that satisfy us. But even though we get paid for what we do, we cannot help but feel sick working. This book will teach you to love your job, relive your passion, and ought to understand the true meaning of what you do.

These are just the verge of three of Lloyd Luna’s bestselling works. As someone who has met him, I could say he was the man. His speeches are a 10 out of 10; it was comedic but substantial. Lloyd has a way of connecting to people. And to his books, it was worth the time reading.

If you are at loss of life’s demands and searching for someone to learn to, listen to Lloyd Abria Luna: the country’s first registered speaking professional.

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