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What It’s Like to be A Fur Parent

What It’s Like to be A Fur Parent

Do you want to have your own pet? Some will say that how you treat your pet is how you will be going to treat your future kids if you want to have one. Are you ready for the responsibilities of being a parent to your own kid—pet? You might to know the perspective of some fur parents and get some tips from them!

What Kind of Pet Do Most People Have?

Dogs and cats are the most common type of pets that people own. Some said that they choose between dogs or cats because they are easy to train and they are comfortable with the other people in their house.

Nyce was 17 years old when she decided to buy her first dog—a female Terrier mix with Pomeranian named Kimi-kun. She really wanted to have a dog since she was a kid and grabbed the chance to buy one as soon as she turned 17.

Also, Jasmin really love to have a pet since she was 7 and was able to have one at a young age. Now, she has 2 pets—a dog named Nana and a cat named Cathy.

Another one is Kaela who has 3 dogs—2 girls named Mikita and Split then 1 boy named Dexter. It was her father’s idea to have a dog. She grew up loving dogs so she decided to have one.

Meanwhile, Jherica bought her dog because she wanted to have a baby that she can take care of. It was a Shih Tzu named Reese. She just recently bought Reese as her way to make herself feel like a parent.

Along with Danice, she had her first dog when she was 18 because their family’s dog died. She decided to adopt Zeus as a way to comfort herself. Now, she has 2 aspin dogs named Zeus and Apollo.

Life of A Fur Parent

Being a fur parent requires big responsibility, almost the same as having your own kid. You should be committed to taking care of them. You should also give your time, attention, care, love, dedication, and even your money to make sure your fur baby is comfortable and feel loved at all times. It is not easy, yet it is fulfilling and satisfying to be a fur parent.

Nyce’s family supports her as a fur parent. Her Aunt was the one who provided for the needs of Kimi-kun from vaccination, dog food, and all the other expenses. However, her grandmother doesn’t like the idea of having a pet in their house. But eventually, her grandmother learned to love Kimi-kun and get used to her presence. She shared how much Kimi-kun influenced her. She loves Kimi-kun so much the reason why she felt bad for those stray cats and dogs, they wanted to adopt one someday.

Also, Jasmin’s family is supportive because they are also a dog lover. Her pets are included in their family budget. The food that they eat is also the food that her pets will eat. She feels great every time her pet will come to her as soon she gets home from somewhere.

As well as Kaela’s situation, her family is a dog lover and she received full support in having pets. The food that her family eats is also the food that her pets will be eating. She shared how much her dogs affect her. When she’s sad, she will just hug her dogs, and then she’ll feel better after.

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Jherica’s family was also happy and supportive when she brought home her dog for the first time. She’s the one who’s managing her dog’s finances. Every pay day, she saves money for Reese. She shared that Reese can uplift her mood when she’s at her lowest.

The same case with Danice, she found comfort with Zeus and Apollo. Fortunately, her family is so supportive. She shared that her dogs are her stress reliever, especially since her graduation day is coming so she’s been stressed lately. Zeus and Apollo are there to make her smile and save the day.

Not all fur babies are the same, it doesn’t come with manuals. You have to get to know them and pour your love into everything that you do for them.

Deciding to have a pet is good as long as you are ready with the responsibility that comes along with having one. Pets are not just animals that you will use for your own good. You should let them feel that they are family and you’ll receive a different kind of loyalty that they will give to you.

There are lots of ways to be a good fur parent. But no matter what you can offer, as long as you do it with love, your fur babies will feel it.

What about you? How are you as a fur parent?

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