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Celebrities who are proud ‘pawrents’ to their rescue pets

Celebrities who are proud ‘pawrents’ to their rescue pets

Rescue animals would be the most loyal companions you never knew you need. As they find their fur-ever homes, they tend to reciprocate their kindness with utmost love and affection.

Through respective platforms, many celebrities show off their unconditional love for them. Some even have strong advocacies for animal welfare and worked with organizations dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned animals.

Different stories but fueled with the same goal — to help create a better tomorrow for the neglected part of society. Let’s admire the adorable photos of these no-longer-abandoned animals and learn from their stories.

Heart Evangelista with Panda

Aside from her renowned artistic pursuits, actress and fashion figure Heart Evangelista is a proud and dedicated animal lover. In fact, she is a long-time spokesperson of the non-profit organization Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Moreover, she makes zealous efforts in her advocacy on animal rights and increased awareness towards Aspins (asong Pinoy). Her unconditional love brought her to lead rescue missions, build shelters, help fellow pet owners, and adopt her own. 

Among them is the one she rescued in Nasugbu, Batangas whom she named Maria Panda Ongpauco Escudero or simply, Panda.

Just like her fashion influencer mom, Panda is also chic and stylish. To keep keeps her fans updated on her OOTDs and at-home pampering, Evangelista made her an Instagram page which has now over 60,000 followers.

Being the social media darling that she is, the 6-year old Aspin has already graced a couple of magazines, commercial shoots, and beauty conferences clad with her Goyard leash and Hermes blanket.

Carla Abellana with Wing and Fly

Growing up in an animal-loving family, it’s no secret that actress Carla Abellana has soft spot for them. From an early age, she learned to be a responsible pet owner which she brought with her even up to this day.

Over the years, Abellana has been a committed animal welfare advocate and celebrity ambassador. She actively promotes animal welfare and has a fervent passion for fostering and sponsoring rescue animals in shelters.

In February 2020, she and her husband Tom Rodriguez decided to adopt two orphaned dogs from PAWS whom they named Wing and Fly. The owner of the two was said to suddenly passed away.

In a Facebook post published by PAWS, the animal lover described their encounter as “love at first sight.” 

“I saw them at PAWS’ Instagram account and I instantly fell in love. Their eyes just spoke to me and I really felt how scared they were. I knew right away that I wanted to visit and comfort them,” she shared.

Iza Calzado with Roger

Prior to their visit to animal welfare group Pawssion Project shelter, actress Iza Calzado and her husband Ben Wintle decided that if they were to get another dog, “it has to be a rescue.” That’s when they met Balbon, who’s now officially Roger Wintle.

In the first episode of the group’s documentary series, the couple shared how they felt the instant connection with the soon-to-be part of their family.

“Soon as I got there, there were so many dogs. Umupo lang ako doon and then this dog went up, looked at me like he knew me. I think we fell in love,” said Calzado.

Founder Malou Perez revealed that Roger used to be a stray who was allegedly pierced with a barbeque stick causing its right eye to be partially blind.

However, it seems that love sees its way. When they had their first meeting last year, Roger immediately went over the actress and didn’t stop wagging its tail. 

Jelai Andres with Popoy

As a tribute to her late dog Chicken, actress and content creator Jelai Andres visited the Pawssion Project shelter to bring happiness to other dogs. Little did she know that she will meet her new furbaby, Popoy. In her series of vlogs, she shared how she finally adopted him and became his fur mom.

After a year together, Popoy seemed to be healthier and their solid bond became tighter. Giving his life a second chance, they do things together as each other’s travel companion, sleeping buddy, and more.

“Rescued is my favorite breed,” the caption reads. Apart from dogs, Andres also adopted stray cats — whom she found in the street, food stall, and abroad. 

Might not be new to her followers and subscribers, the social media personality has been doing animal causes during the pandemic. She has donated goods, conducted stray feeding, and even organized a party for rescue animals.

Sharon Cuneta with Pawiboy

During a shoot for her movie, veteran actress Sharon Cuneta had a sweet interaction with a stray dog who approached her in a beach resort in Olongapo City. 

Haven’t been able to forget their encounter, Cuneta asked for help to find him through her Instagram account. Fortunately, with the help of The Homeless Dog Shelter, she finally reunited and named him Pawiboy.

“You will become a PRINCE and be loved like you’ve never been loved before! I love you,” the Mega Star wrote in the caption.

As he was diagnosed with heartworms he was immediately treated at a veterinary clinic and prepared with the medical supplies he needed, as seen in the carousel.

True to her words, he gradually recovered and adapted to his new environment along with her fur friends and Cuneta family. The 8-year-old stray is now in the comfort of his beloved home.

These are just a few of the inspiring stories we got to hear and read among the plenty of people who strives to save animal lives. Care to join them?

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