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Every Pet Deserves a Treat, Every Pet Deserves Pedigree and Whiskas

Every Pet Deserves a Treat, Every Pet Deserves Pedigree and Whiskas

Pets are a huge part of every fur parent’s life. And for some, they’re more than simply pets; they’re a part of the family.

That is why we make sure they get the best love and care that they deserve.

Everything they need, from grooming items that will provide only the best results for your pets to ensuring they receive the proper diet that will keep them healthy.

While other factors are absolutely essential, we cannot stress enough how important it is to choose the right pet food when it comes to their health.

Finding the right diet for your furbabies will ensure that they live a long, healthy, and happy life.

And choosing the wrong ones will only harm them.

Sure, it’s a tough task, but here are some tips and the finest options for your furry friends to help you out.

For your pup’s skin health and a shiny coat

It’s important that we take care of our pets’ skin health, not just because it’ll make them look good, but because it has a huge impact on their general health.

Good thing, your puppies can get it through their diet.

PEDIGREE Dog Food Wet Puppy Chicken Chunks Flavour in Gravy is the best choice for them. It can also aid digestion and strengthen their bones.

For our small-breed dog pets that are happy and energized

Dogs can be highly hyper throughout the day, which shows that they are properly nourished and fed.

We want our dogs happy and active so we have to make sure they’re getting the right nutrition for that.

Give them IAMS Dog Food Dry Small Breed for a tasty and nutritious treat filled with all the essential nutrients and carbohydrates.

A complete and balanced diet for our ‘MEOW’babies

Of course, we wouldn’t forget about our feline pets.

They deserve the same care and nutrition as our dogs get, so we must make the best food choices for them.

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What could be a better choice than WHISKAS Cat Food Wet Ocean Fish? It’s specially designed to be complete and balanced for cats aged one year and up.

Get amazing deals on these delightful, nutritious goodies for your furbabies from Pedigree & Whiskas at Shopee’s first mega-sale of the year, 3.15 Consumer Day!

What are the discounts to look forward to?

  • On March 13-15, shoppers can get up to 50% off at Pedigree & Whiskas’ Official Shopee Store.
  • Spend Php 333 on select products to get a free gift!
  • Collect vouchers and enjoy a discount of Php 33 to Php 100 on required minimum purchases.

Shopee’s 3.15 Consumer Day is a great time to celebrate your pets and reward them with these goods! Only available at the official Pedigree and Whiskas store.

Link/s to product/s on Shopee:

PEDIGREE Dog Food Wet Puppy Chicken Chunks Flavour in Gravy: Click here.

IAMS Dog Food Dry Small Breed: Click here.

WHISKAS Cat Food Wet Ocean Fish: Click here.

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