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What it feels like riding a ship alone

What it feels like riding a ship alone

In the more than twenty-one years I have lived in this world, I can say that I am fond of commuting. I mean, going from place to place without my own vehicle, is one of my prowess. In order for me to prove that, let me share with you my experience riding a ship alone.  Mind you, I was still a minor at that time. 

Last 2015, I decided to start anew in the City of Smiles, Cagayan de Oro City. I was enrolled there for a year, during my ninth grade in my junior. However, things got changed and I was sent back home to Manila. That is the time that I traveled alone. One may ask why my parents let me ride a ship by myself, and that’s because my father had an important appointment at that time. Meanwhile, my mother is in Manila and just fetched me at the time of my arrival.

So, what does it really feel riding a ship alone?

Getting on a ship is a surreal, and spectacular moment. If you have experienced it, you can say that I am not overdramatic here. Since I was a minor, the vessel’s company is really taking care of us, underages, who don’t have any companions. They mentioned that if there’s anything we need, we just have to call one of their staff. That’s why I felt really safe traveling during that time.

The next great thing about getting into a ship is the food. Meals are for free, from breakfast, and lunch, to dinner. The food is amazing and fulfilling. One of my favorites is the brownie dessert every lunch. There are also other delicious foods that you can buy displayed on the counter. There’s also karaoke and bars inside the ship, which we’re not allowed to enter. 

The toilet rooms and shower rooms on the ship were clean. Since the travel time I had before was two days and three nights, taking a bath is very essential. Doing hygienic things is made comfortable with these sanitized restrooms. 

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Meanwhile, the beds are pretty clean, too. The ticket that you bought depends on which room you will sleep in. That time, I just had the ‘mega room’ and it looks decent. The room has three bunk beds, and I have my roommates. I was placed beside a big window, on the upper bunk. I can see the waves in the morning, and a pitch black at night.

Lastly, the best part of riding a ship is the sunset. Every afternoon, I will go up to the ship deck and watch an amazing view. The cool wind will pass by against your face while hearing the ocean waves. In that view, all you can think of is how beautiful life is. Your worries slowly meltdown, and just like the sunset, you may think that not all endings are bad.

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