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Weight Loss Diary: Fitness Youtubers for Beginners

Weight Loss Diary: Fitness Youtubers for Beginners

Summer time is up! Some of you might be planning to get in shape and be fit for your next #BeachAura. Others are probably going to gym or doing home workouts as well. Well, if you are doing your workout at home, a lot of fitness youtubers can be found online. Actually, you’re in the right page! So keep reading to know some of them!

Note: All these are from my personal preference.

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Here are some fitness youtubers you can watch on your next home workouts!

Chloe Ting – So far, this I guess is my top favorite workout youtuber of all time. Since then, I have been so hooked with Chloe Ting’s workout videos. She is not just a youtuber herself, but also a certified personal trainer.

There are a lot of daily or weekly exercises for beginners which are also home workout friendly. Thus, Chloe’s exercise routine are not that hard to join with. So, it would not be a big problem for you to join and move you body along with her.

Her videos are about about 10 to 20 mins long and ranges from specific workout goals. She has workouts on arms, abs, legs and even on full body. Chloe Ting also has her own website which helps you for more concrete workout plans. You can check it our here.

All of her workout plans on her website are free! She has a lot of workout sessions both beginner and advanced-friendly. Aside from routine schedules and exercise plans, Chloe Ting also includes nutritional meal plans on her website.

MadFit – If you like a very light workout videos, then MadFit is your next best digital coach. Unlike Chloe, Maddie Lymburner offers a light and slightly intense workout exercises which is very perfect for begginers. However, despite doing light workouts, this youtuber still focus on body toning and smooth weight loss.

You can easily join her workout sessions since her videos usually just take more or less 20 minutes. Thus, you can actually do your exercises with here very frequently. Another thing that made me like her as a fitness youtuber is the fact that I find her videos so comforting. Her workout place and workout music are so relaxing which really drives your mind to workout more and stay focused.

Emi Wong – This fitness youtuber is very similar to Chloe Ting. Since 2017, Emi Wong started sharing her knowledge on workouts and proper diets and meals online. What I like about her workout videos on her youtube is the fact that it really is a very begginer-friendly one.

You can always look for other begginer cardio videos on her Youtube. Also, if wanted to focus on some particular core or part of your body, emi wong definetly got your back! Her workout exercises are really effective not just for losing weight or improving your resistance, but being fit and healthy in general.

Emi Wong also offers fitness programs on her website account. You can check here for details.

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Body Project – On the other hand, if you are into an intense yet begginer-friendly home workout, then Body Project is certainly for you! I can still remember my first home workout with this youtuber — it is really worth the sweat! Their low impact workouts is really perfect for begginers. It is also very effective since it keeps you from moving which would obviously made you sweat a lot.

Body Project also has their own website where you can check other workout programs best for you. Their team consists of trainers focusing on a certain category.

We created Team Body Project to share our passion for exercise and excellent movement with others who want to feel good about their body and experience great health.

Team Body Project

These are actually just few of all fitness coaches online. However, these youtubers are very known with their effective exercises.

Since you had a few and basic info about these Fitness Youtubers, you can subscribe to their channel for more fitness videos. Also, you might try to consider them as your digital fitness coach on your next home workout. They are worth the watch and sweat, that’s for sure!

Do you also have you own favorite Fitness Coach on Youtube? Share it with me on the comment section below. Stay fit and healthy!

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