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Fitness Experiences: Being Consistent Brings You Results

Fitness Experiences: Being Consistent Brings You Results

Starting your fitness journey may be easy. However, being consistent, staying on track, and daily showing up always feel like a challenge. When I finally decided to begin, I was full of motivation and drive. But, the days when I would feel so lazy and tired are always around the corner, resulting in lapses.

Fitness Experiences: Being Consistent Brings You Results

A Cycle of Beginnings

They say that when you’ve committed to this track, there’s no more going back. Being consistent is the key to success. But sometimes, there are certain moments when you would feel demotivated, and it’s better to rest for today. Until it repeatedly happens, you start to lose what you gain.

Then, you try to start once more and fail one more time. And, repeat the same cycle over and over again. This series is what I have been going through that I can’t seem to overcome. No matter how good my start was, I would discontinue the process after some time.

I set my goals one at a time, one day at a time. However, there are things in my life that don’t allow me to be consistent. Always aligning my mindset with my goals; however, the dark days have taken over.

Looking forward to the results, I forgot that the journey and commitment matter more. You wouldn’t reach where you want to be if you would not devote your time and efforts to the cycle.

You can’t be a master of something after practicing it yesterday. Though my environment and the people around me have always been supportive, it is just my perspective that needs to change.

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It Wouldn’t Hurt to Start Being Consistent.

As fitness enthusiasts always say, results won’t come tomorrow. So, today, it’s time to change my lenses and my focus. That showing up, every single time, is for myself and no one else. Every drop of my sweat benefits my body, not someone else’s. And, that if it’s easy, everybody will do it, so I have to remind myself that it is not easy and will never be easy.

However, no one else will do it for me. So, I have to keep going and stay consistent. Many factors have distracted my progress. So, I have learned not to carry such excess baggage, especially people’s opinions. Because people would always say something, even if you do good things, goes to show the reflection of the saying, “You can’t please everyone.”

Moreover, starting again from LEVEL 1 is better than not starting at all because changes don’t happen overnight. I may not be there yet, but taking a step forward brings me closer to the goal. So, what journey would you want to start over again?

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