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Journaling saved my college life!

Journaling saved my college life!

Journaling, as defined by many is a written record of your personal thoughts and feelings. It even sometimes includes personal plans and series of important events in your daily life. Having a journal with you is very relaxing and therapheutic at the same time, most especially to college students. It’s as if you got someone who’s all on ears for you and your personal stories to share.

As a graduating student, journaling saved my college years. It even gave me new outlook to life.

Writing a journal has helped me enhance both my personal and academic skills. You can learn a lot of things through doing it. This is not just for college student like me, but even on lower grades or to a simple individual like you! There is a beauty in writing and having your own journal.

I learned how to be organized enough through journaling. It taught me how to effectively composed ideas and thoughts in mind through writing. This has been very helpful to my college years, most especially as broadcasting student.

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I remember when I was in my 1st year, first thing in the morning, I always check my journal. Every to-do’s, goals and important things I need to do and finish are all written there. It not just serve as a guide, but as something who keeps me motivated to study.

College life is so stressful, that is a fact. There are a lot of things you should always remember. Endless memorizations here and there. However, through proper journaling it boosts our memory to remember things.

The pandemic 2 years ago challenged almost all of us. With the sudden changes and shift most especially in education, it really did affect my mental state. Coping up had been a great struggle for me most especially during the first 2 months. I almost planned to take a break from my college life.

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Nonetheless, journaling helped me keep my mental health at its normal pace. Writing whatever I want to after a very tiring day is so relaxing. I sometimes find myself crying while writing down things on my journal. It saved not just my college life, but even my life as a whole.

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There a lot of reasons why keeping journal a good choice! It can help us how to personally grow as a better person. For some, it even teach them how to grow professionally.

Writing is indeed good for the soul. It builds a genuine connection between you and your inner soul. So, if journaling is not your thing, I hope this article gave you a new idea on how beneficial it is to have one. Start writing now!

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