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We are Darna.

We are Darna.

Darna flies this July on your TV screens starring Jane De Leon as the Filipina superheroine. It is the biggest project of ABS-CBN almost half a decade in the making. The TV comeback of Darna is personally very sentimental to me. After Mulawin steals the heart of viewers back in 2004, Angel Locsin’s Darna takes over the boob tube. It captures the imagination of people especially kids because it tells the story of anyone.

Narda is every Juan

Jane De Leon as Narda (Screengrab from Mars Ravelos’ Darna trailer)

Narda, a young woman making ends meet, faces the struggles of Juan. She is poor, oppressed and ordinary. An ordinary woman who seems to be weak until she encounters a mystic pebble. After that encounter, Narda arises from her status. She is not ordinary anymore. From being her family’s hero, she is now tasked to save the world. Right then and there, Narda picks up the stone, swallowed it and shouted with all her might: “DARNA!”

We Are Darna: Our Hero Within

Anina Rubio with the cast of Mars Ravelo’s Darna

In line with the release of the series this July, ABS-CBN unveiled a mural featuring Darna in line with today’s heroes, the frontliners. The artist behind the mural is visual artist, Anina Rubio. She led the unveiling of the mural along with the cast members of the series, Jane De Leon, Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador.

In the mural, the frontliners have the Darna insignia on their foreheads. This symbolizes that the Filipino workers are our modern heroes.

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Life is hard these days, and we work hard just to save ourselves, our families, and our fellowmen. And for that, we deserve to be a superhero. When you make ends meet, without hurting or abusing anyone, we are heroes like Darna.

We Are Darna; for as Batman has said, “A hero can be anyone.” Doing your best with a purpose can save one life, and that is more than enough.

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