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Get 100% Ready, Mob Psycho 100 Is Coming Back In October!

Get 100% Ready, Mob Psycho 100 Is Coming Back In October!

Where are my Mob Psycho 100 addicts at? If you miss the quirky yet powerful cute boy that is Shigeo Kageyama, then this news is for you! Sit back and hold tight as Mob Psycho 100 is set to return in October!

Mob Psycho 100’s official Twitter account announced on May 12 that its third season is officially set to premiere in October! What a special way to celebrate Shigeo Kageyama’s birthday! Fans all over the world are even more thrilled with the Teaser Trailer. Indeed, October is still too far from now, but Mob Psycho 100’s fans already can’t wait!

Get 100% Ready, Mob Psycho 100 Is Coming Back In October!

Nope, they won’t leave you waiting in peace

Just when fans are about to wait peacefully for October, Mob Psycho 100’s official Twitter account said no. They announced last June 10 that the new opening Theme Song will be first released at Anime Expo this year! On top of that, they will also have their Kickstart Panel at the expo. How lucky can Mob Psycho 100 fans in Los Angeles be! Fans can’t even be more excited as they look forward to the opening Theme Song. Some fans on Twitter even jokingly beg the expo-goers to record the Theme Song. Yes, we know that it’s illegal, but… hey, it’s the opening Theme Song! How can you not wish for that?

A June 7 Tweet from their official Twitter account seems to be the last straw to trigger the fans’ excitement. It frustratingly doesn’t contain any new information about the release! Well, aside from the fact that Crunchyroll, an anime streaming platform, will simulcast the series as it premiers worldwide (except in Asia). It is indeed a piece of happy news for fans all over the world! There will no longer be a struggle to search for streaming platforms!

What made fans love Mob Psycho 100?

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As someone who doesn’t watch anime, it’s a surprise that I fell in love with Mob Psycho 100. To be honest, it is hard to determine the specific reasons why it’s such a great anime. It’s like the entirety of it is so good, that listing the reasons would take forever! It’s actually just a normal story about a boy who has psychic powers but fans are easily hooked! Maybe because the storyline is so wholesome, or maybe because Shigeo is God-tier cute and kind? You see, Mob, Shigeo’s nickname, is actually one of the most powerful espers to exist, yet he’s so humble and softhearted. He never puts violence as the first choice and actually tries his best not to hurt anyone.

Along with the good people around Mob, every episode is a must-watch! From their random ghost-exorcising to their biggest fights, Mob and the gang will always make you wish for more seasons!

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Excited for Mob Psycho 100’s third season? Follow their official Twitter account for updates and announcements! Are you 100% ready for Mob? Catch him and more in October!

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