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VP/Spotlight: Pipay, a voice in the digital era


VP/Spotlight: Pipay, a voice in the digital era

As a young kid, Pipay recalls living a simple, introverted life. Through this, she faced bullying head-on but chooses to see it in a positive light.

“Of course, gaya ng iba, na-bully din talaga ko [dati], as in. ‘Di ko alam kung nagagandahan ba sila sakin or what. Eme! Seriously, medyo introvert ako noong bata kase parang ayokong makipaglaro sa labas.”

However, despite being shy and reserved back then, the social media star dreamed of being on screen.

Yet, it is not for the common reason you think. She wanted to shine because of something she commonly noticed in the media.

“Naisip ko [na] bakit iilan lang ‘yong mga ‘di kagandahan na artista? Nasaan ang representation ng different kinds ng beauty? Kaya sabi ko noon, someday kung lalabas man ako sa TV, I’ll show them na hindi lang sa may mga itsura ang mainstream!”

Going viral

As the COVID-19 pandemic came, Pipay began to reflect on what to do with life.

After a life replete with disappointments and impulsive decisions, she ultimately decided to go with content creation.

“Marami kasi akong disappointments at impulsive na mga desisyon sa buhay kaya I’m learning to reflect. Currently, content creation was something I wanted to do, as of the moment, and I’m very grateful na nahanap ko ‘yong something na I’m kind of good at.”

Then, June 2020 came. Pipay decided to open her phone’s camera and record herself calling out a certain Joshua.

In the video, she attempts to catch the attention of the boy as she recalls their memories together.

She, then, uploaded the video on her social media accounts, to the enjoyment of different netizens.

This video, where she says “Juswa!” repeatedly, went viral. People started sharing the video on social media, tagging their friends, especially with those who have the same name.

It became Pipay’s window towards the journey where she is now, the art of online content creation.

“Nag eme-emeng video lang ako na hinahanap ko si “Juswa.” At first, embarrassed ako ng bongga but, then, thanks to it, naging window ko sya sa content creation.”

Feeling at home

Seeing the numbers grow on her viral video, Pipay pursued the work of being an online content creator.

She started making skits and reaction videos, especially when netizens make fun of her pictures and videos.

Through this job, the viral star truly believed she can do what she does best: to entertain people.

“Noong nag content creation ako, one thing’s for sure, it felt like I’m home. Feel ko na finally, I can do something na alam kong marunong ako. It is to entertain.”

Furthermore, Pipay cites the best part of all of this, which is feeling like her passion never felt like work, especially when she gets to interact with her followers.

“‘Yong fact lang na parang tropa ko lahat. Like, pagtripan niyo pictures ko at magbardagulan tayo ‘pag nagkita personally, okay lang. I think the best part here is, hindi nagiging work yung passion ko, ganon. And, siyempre, isa pa kumikita din ako.”

Well-rested for more

Yet, she also faced struggles when it comes to her passion.

As she worked her way into a social media star with a huge following, Pipay started to feel pressure and tiresome days.

“Bilang isang content creator kase, kailangan [palaging] may content, mga tih. ‘Content creator’ nga, eh. […] Pero ‘yon, I just learned to cope up with stress na lang din.”

Through this, she pushes herself to do more, but not without the proper rest she believes every content creator should have.

“Everyone needs to rest, including us. Don’t expect us to produce maya’t maya. Napapagod din kami.”

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A platform for better influence

With her content reaching millions of views on social media, Pipay pressed the need for influencers to do their thing and use their platforms for the better in order for their followers to do good.

Citing fellow social media star Inah Evans, she believes the world is now living in an “influencer era.”

“It is a matter of influencing no matter kung madami kang followers or what. The thing is how you influence. And that hit me. Sa dami ng lumalabas na content creator ngayon, iilan lang ang gumagamit ng plataporma ng maayos. Kaya do your thing. You can start sa loob ng bahay niyo or [sa] friends mo.”

With that explanation, Pipay advises aspiring content creators to be a proper voice and a good representation to many.

“‘Wag kayong kumaldag lang sa TikTok at magpacute. Mas admirable ang taong nakikilala dahil may paninindigan at nagiging boses sa karamihan.”

Lastly, when asked when next for her as a content creator, Pipay admits she does not know.

However, she loves surprises and remains prepared for what life has to offer next.

“I like surprises, I will take whatever this world has to offer, magiging oportunista muna ako.”

And we cannot wait for what’s to come for you, Pipay! Continue making a powerful, great impact in the online community.

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