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Laugh out loud with these Filipino TikTok content creators | Part 2

Laugh out loud with these Filipino TikTok content creators | Part 2

When TikTok started gaining attention, netizens and influencers hopped to the trend. People begin to use this platform to show their talents and skills while some discover themselves in making funny content videos. Which everyone can relate to and laugh at. So, I’ve listed a second collection of content creators’ accounts that you should check out for your daily dose of good vibes.

Laugh out loud with these Filipino TikTok content creators | Part 2

1. PIPAY (@pipaykipayy)

First, the famous influencer John Paul Joseph Santos, also known as Pipay. Aside from being an internet sensation, he is also a civil engineering student. In his videos, he uses wigs to show off different characters. He also produces skits and videos inside his home. He also answers questions and viral posts about him in funny ways. Even though a few of them are offensive, he doesn’t really mind it. Instead, he replies to them humorously. His real and natural vibe will give a ton of laughs. He now has 1.6-million followers and 22-million likes.



♬ Sad Song (feat. Elena Coats) – We The Kings

2. Berniecular Vlogs (@berniecularvlogs)

Next to our lists is Bernie Batin or berniecular. He makes different videos from the others. In his content, he originally makes the story of a sari-sari store vendor like him. Yet, he delivers it in a joking manner. Most of them are the relatable and hilarious experiences of a seller and buyer. Moreover, he made the expression and funny delivery of ‘Ano yon?’  in TikTok. He now has 2.5 million followers and 18.6 million likes.



♬ original sound – Berniecular Vlogs – Berniecular Vlogs

3. philiptanasas on IG (@philiptanasas)

Philip Tanasas content focuses on “doppelganger” skits, turning horror stories into comedy. Netizens find this witty and funny since he portrays every character hilariously. Probably because we all somehow experience or heard some of these horror stories. Yet, he makes it light and funny at the same time. Furthermore, he had a video collaboration with many content creators. Like Spencer Serafica and Christian Antolin. He now has 7 million followers and 118.9 million likes.


“Ang doppelganger na fan ni Nathaniel” 🙂 @spencer_serafica 🤣❤️ #pinoycomedy #familyna

♬ original sound – philiptanasas on IG – philiptanasas on IG

4. Christian Antolin (@sesbombchris)

Christian Antolin became popular in the character of Marga in Kadenang Ginto Teleserye. He wears the uniform of Marga and makes funny videos. Aside from that, he also copied Nano in Girl from Nowhere. Basically, he makes skits about the students’ life inside the school. Which you will feel relatable and witty. Netizens like his videos because who will ever forget the memories of being a student. Then, after his videos became viral, he continuously posts more content about them. He now has 1.8 million followers and 20.7 million likes.



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♬ Rico Rico – johmomusic

5. Jomar Yee (@jomaryee)

Jomar Yee became famous for his Encantandia skits where he uses the powers of the characters in his scenes. Even though it’s about superpowers, he presents it hilariously. Aside from that, he also portrays the character of a mom and daughter. He now has 6.8 million followers and 201.7 million likes.


Ang tinatagong kapangyarihan ni mima 🤣 More power episode pa ba? 🤣 #teamjomar #fyp #tawatayo

♬ original sound – Jomar Yee 💅🏻 – Jomar Yee 💅🏻


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