VPXclusive | Kenneth Ramil: The Beholder Who Owns the Eye

We were raised believing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but never in our lives had we encounter this unknown spectator. In a world where standards for aesthetics is complex, we have been in constant search for him whose eyes bear the verdict of beauty. But the beholder has revealed himself in the name of Kenneth Ramil.

Being a fashion stylist for five years and now an owner of an aesthetic center, Kenneth truly holds the eye and touch for beauty. His brilliant mind and hands made the stars we follow shine brighter with their captivating looks. We have seen his touch in the likes of Samantha Bernardo, Rabiya Mateo, Michelle Dee, and Gigi De Lana who were all #StyledByKennethR.

Birth of the Beholder

Fundamental knowledge in fashion styling holds a distinct essence to survive the industry. But Kenneth was born with a keen eye for visuals and a natural instinct for a powerful style, which made him the Kenneth R. he is today.

His early beginnings can be tracked back in his college days. He selected fashion pieces and did the style for one of his closest friends joining a campus pageant, Kath. Since then, Kenneth and his craft became staple in several pageants in campus and those held by an organization.

Little did Kenneth knew that the universe foreshadowed the future that awaits. Come 2019, one of his big breaks in the industry knocked at his door. He worked with Binibining Pilipinas 2019 candidate Samantha Bernardo, who won 2nd runner-up and later on, declared 1st runner-up. From then onwards, Kenneth Ramil received breakthroughs for his career.

Fashion styling, for me, is a fun and highly collaborative process. It brings me joy whenever I successfully bring a look to life, exactly as I envisioned it. Fashion serves as my safe space, allowing me to express myself through dressing up others.”

Kenneth Ramil on his passion for Fashion

Beyond the fundamentals for fashion styling, the joy and passion he finds for this art marked the birth of the beholder.

Balancing the Boldness

Expression and identity, being the primary statement of his craft, boldness became a signature style of Kenneth. But just like any other aspect, balance is a challenge he takes on. He makes sure that in every work he does, fashion collides with comfort.

My style represents a fusion of sensuality and love. It embodies a combination of sexiness and classiness, striking a balance between boldness and tastefulness. The essence of this style lies in embracing and expressing one’s unique identity. Ultimately, my goal is to create looks that enhance confidence and promote comfort for those who wear them.

These words from the beholder himself affirms that beauty is indeed fluid. Individual identity is diverse. Thus, our expressions differ. And Kenneth Ramil takes this statement into a whole new level of confidence as his clients walk down their own runway.

Kenneth has already worked with several figures in the showbiz industry and pageantry. Despite the outstanding style from his artistic touch, his goal remains on the idea of keeping the client’s personality present and visible. His eye for beauty reveals the most authentic self of his muses through style.

“Collaboration is key in my work as a stylist. Understanding my client’s personality and seamlessly blending it with my own style is a process that often flows naturally. However, my ultimate focus is always on my client. My priority is to create a styling experience where she feels both comfortable and confident, allowing her true self to shine through.

Although Kenneth has been in the industry for five years now, working, dreaming, and excitement remain parts of his constant admiration for this art. He envisions his style to walk the world’s runway while he strives to continuously bring Filipino pride.

I am excited to do more collaborations with my favorite local designers. I eagerly anticipate sharing my unique style with the world on a larger scale.

The Aesthetic Venture

Not only does Kenneth holds the eye for beauty as he started going into a further venture for visuals. Now, he owns an aesthetic center, SKN that gives us the perfect spot to feel pampered and claim the rewards we all deserve. He really doesn’t stop feeding our confidence and embracing our unique identity just as he did.

“I firmly believe in the importance of self-love and self-care. [For] me, SKN Aesthetic Center provides an ideal setting to practice and prioritize these principles. Additionally, I have always been fascinated by enhancements in general, which further fuels my interest in this field.

For the past years, especially during the height of pandemic, self-care, although a necessity in nature, became a trend. Many Filipinos gave more time to pamper themselves after a long and exhausting week. But the Kenneth’s venture in this field took a different perspective on the idea of self-love and care.

At SKN Aesthetic Center, we believe in prioritizing self-care and providing the right treatments regardless of our emotional state. We encourage individuals to take care of themselves as an ongoing practice, rather than just in response to specific circumstances.

See Also

Even the beholder who owns the eye for beauty needs this kind of treat. With the ever-demanding industry of fashion and styling, exhaustion and stress are no longer strange feelings. Kenneth Ramil shared a few steps from his self-care routine.

I am always mindful of how my body is functioning. Balancing two jobs and managing two branches of my aesthetic clinics simultaneously can be demanding. Whenever I feel the need to rest, I make sure to give enough time for my body to recuperate. My ultimate self-care routine involves indulging in my favorite SKN treatment on the weekend and prioritizing long hours of restful sleep.

This aesthetic venture of Kenneth Ramil reveals where authentic beauty is found: deep within the love and concern we have for ourselves.

Beholder’s Verdict

Beauty is fluid, that varying interpretations fed our minds, making it a more complicated concept that we can no longer define. But now that the beholder has revealed himself, we have a figure to attest the true essence of authentic beauty.

“Beauty, as they say, is subjective. However, in my opinion, true beauty emerges when you acknowledge and embrace your flaws and imperfections.

Moreover, he and his style are advocates of inclusivity that welcomes everybody and every body. Kenneth, through his styles, breaks barriers and build people from within.

“Everyone possesses inherent sexiness, regardless of their shape and size. It’s a matter of embracing and confidently owning one’s physical appearance.”

In our constant pursuit for the real definition of beauty, we tend to look up on norms and standards set by the society. But Kenneth sees beauty in flaws more than perfection; self-acceptance more than concealment; and freedom more than confinement. Truly, Kenneth Ramil is the beholder who owns the eye.

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