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UNDER PHP 100: Eating healthy food can be affordable

UNDER PHP 100: Eating healthy food can be affordable

Starting a healthy lifestyle has always been overlooked as an expensive way of living. Starting from what you eat, what you drink, your daily routine, your fitness journey, the equipment needed, and much more. But, did you know that you can make healthy yet affordable dishes in food preparation?

UNDER PHP 100: Eating healthy food can be affordable

Crispy Tofu and Greens

This healthy dish has two main ingredients, a block of tofu and a few bundles of green vegetables. You can either use pechay, bok choy, or any other leafy vegetable that you have. Start with removing all the moisture on the tofu block by patting it dry. This step will allow you to have crispier tofu at the end. While letting the tofu drain its water, you can prepare a sauce composed of oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, water, and chili (optional). Mix them all and set them aside.

Start cutting your block into cubes, and coat it with cornstarch. After that, you can start frying them. Once cooked, you can take them out of the pan. Then your sauce goes in; after a few seconds, toss back in your tofu, mix, and set aside. For the veggie, you can boil it for about a minute in hot water. Plate the veggie up and place your tofu on top. Go ahead and indulge in this savory and affordable protein-packed meal!

Water Spinach with Sardines

Water Spinach or kangkong is an excellent and healthy source of different nutrients essential to our body. It is said to help prevent osteoporosis, iron deficiency anemia, and vitamin-A deficiency when consumed regularly. It also helps lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and colon and prostate cancer. Not only that, but it is also very affordable and always available!

To start, you have to blanch the sliced kangkong (start with the thick stems, then the leafy stalks) so it doesn’t get overcooked. Then you can sauté your chopped garlic, toss in the blanched kangkong and add a tablespoon of oyster sauce. For the sardines, you can use the sardines in oil for a more flavorful dish. Fry it a bit in little oil, and you can add chili-garlic or chili for some heat. Once done, you can place your sardines on the cooked kangkong. This dish could be the easiest to cook, yet probably the cheapest one regarding cost.

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Chicken in Squash and Coconut Milk

The last healthy dish you can cook without spending much has sauce since it has coconut milk or gata. If you’re worried that you might spend over a hundred because of the chicken, you can purchase the tiny chicken legs because they are more affordable. You can go for chicken breast too; tell the vendor to give you worth 50 pesos or less. You will also need about 100 grams of squash and one string of sitaw. Of course, coconut milk.

Start with giving your chicken cuts a brownish look by frying them in a bit of oil for a few minutes. Then add your garlic, onion, and ginger. Let the aromatic flavors get into the chicken, and add your chopped squash. Sauté it for a few minutes, then add water. Once boiling, throw in your chopped sitaw and cook it for about 5 minutes. Next, pour your coconut milk and add any seasoning. Let it boil and serve it up with rice. How could that not be a healthy and hearty meal?

Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. You only have to be creative and experimental, sometimes, to be able to create such healthy and, at the same time, affordable dishes. Which dish are you trying, then?

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