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Feel the love in “Everything You Do” music video by Kyle Juliano

Feel the love in “Everything You Do” music video by Kyle Juliano

With the release of his single “Everything You Do” under Universal Records Philippines, Kyle Juliano is ready to capture the hearts of his listeners once again.

Kyle Juliano’s rendition of this 2006 OPM hit song, which was produced by Mr. Ito Rapadas, shines in its dreamy groove and melody. The song highlights the young artist‘s impressive vocal talent while keeping the masterpiece’s sincere romantic meaning and lyrics. 

Watch the sentimental music video of Kyle Juliano’s rendition of the “Everything You Do.”

The music video starring Kyle himself and TikTok content creator, Andrea So, shows how it feels to be genuinely in love. 

Romantic love is delicately shown in the four-minute-long music video. He remembers the presence of the person he loves the most everywhere he goes. Even in the most common place everyday experiences, he can still see her face in the people he meets and interacts with. Showing that if you are so much in love, you will only see that person.

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Photo: Everything You Do official music video

Kyle Juliano consistently receives close to 500,000 monthly listeners on a streaming platform like Spotify. With this new song, he hopes to keep up with or perhaps exceed it. Watch and stream “Everything You Do” right this second!

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