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Tips for incoming college students from a graduating student

Tips for incoming college students from a graduating student

College is a new chapter of your life. You might feel excited but, you might feel scared, too. You might feel clueless at the moment, so here I am to help you. Here are some tips for incoming college students from a graduating student.

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Tip #1: Apply for a scholarship

I know there is a Free Tuition Law, that grants students in state and local universities and colleges free tuition fees. But, having a scholarship will help you with other expenses. I tell you now, college will make you spend a LOT.

There are private companies and government offices that offer scholarships. It won’t hurt to try.

Tip #2: Choose your circle of friends in college

You will be spending years in college so make sure you choose the right people to spend it with. Choose friends that will be good to you and be a good person to them too. Choosing the right people to spend college with will help you survive and succeed in college. Make sure to be a good influence on each other. It is okay to have fun every now and then but make sure it will not affect your academic performance.

Personally, this is one of the things I am proud of because I do have a good circle of friends. They support me and I support them too! I am glad they are the people I am spending my college with. I hope you will find and choose the right people

Tip #3: Read those syllabi

Another important thing to remember is not to ignore the syllabus. Those syllabi have the important information you need to know about your courses. Read them. Reading them will help you prepare for those classes. Aside from that, you will also learn information about your instructor and the grading system. It will be essential and a great help to you.

Tip #4: Join clubs and organizations.

This is one of the things I regret, I did not join any clubs. Joining clubs or organizations will help you make friends and connections around your university. It will be a great college experience. Also, being a member of any club and organization in college will be good for your credentials.

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Tip #5: Do not skip classes but also learn to take a break

If you really want to learn, go to every class. You will learn a thing or two when you go to class. Make sure to be present if you can. On the other hand, do not exhaust yourself. College can be a lot more exhausting than you think. You might experience burnouts, breakdowns, and helplessness some time in college. It is normal. Your feelings are valid.

So, make sure you treat yourself from time to time. Go out with your friends at least once a week. Make sure you have time for yourself when you can just be alone and be lazy. Watch that Netflix show you always wanted to watch, read that book you always wanted to read. Sleep! College life will make you sleep less so make sure you have a day to just lay down on your bed and rest. Remember, if you rest well, you can do better at schoolwork. So do not feel so bad about resting.

These are some of the things I wish I knew before I entered college. So, I am giving these tips to you. These tips may not be enough for you to be a hundred percent prepared. But, who among those graduates was prepared when they entered college? None. Thus, all the other things you need to know are for you to find out. For now, Congratulations and Goodluck!

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