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Discovering the Pristine Waters in Catanduanes

Discovering the Pristine Waters in Catanduanes

Are you tired of Boracay, La Union, or Siargao? Wouldn’t you want to discover something new? How about Catanduanes?

It lies on the easternmost edge of Luzon. Catanduanes is located off the coast of the Bicol Region in the southern part of Luzon and faces the Pacific Ocean. Due to its location, the province is usually the first place in the country to get battered by typhoons. Hence, it is known as the “Land of the Howling Winds.”

But after all the devastating catastrophes that visited the island, Catanduanes remains majestic and magnificent.

Sometimes all we need is a good place to rest after a week of stress in life. Going on a new adventure and discovering new places is the thrilling part of traveling. So, why not try Catanduanes? They have a lot to offer that is to your heart’s content.

If you are looking for a new location for a budget-friendly summer getaway, the island is perfect for you!

Catanduanes: How To Get There

To be able to get there, you can travel via land and sea, or you can just fly away within an hour and see Catanduanes.

RSL Bus Lines offers direct land routes from Manila to Virac, traveling through Tabaco City to board a Roll on Roll Off Ferry. This trip takes approximately 10-12 hours per way. Alternatively, you can also take a bus heading for Tabaco City, and then ride a ferry bound for San Andres or Virac. But you also have the option to just take the plane and fly an hour away.

Places To Visit

San Miguel River Park

Photo Courtesy | San Miguel River Park Facebook Page

Gear up your life vest and let’s live life the best. Enjoy the streaming freshwater in these tubing and kayaking adventure for only 150 pesos. 

Located in baranggay Kilikilihan. You can have a blast of water adventures in the river park! This newly-opened tourism spot will surely beautify your stay in the province.

San Miguel River Park offers Tubing and Kayaking adventures. Tubing blends a relaxing, flat-water float in a comfortable inflatable tube with a quiet, off-the-beaten-path wilderness setting. While Kayaking is a nice activity that involves paddling a small boat over water while using a double-bladed paddle.

So what are you waiting for?

Let the tubes drive you away and relax while having a beer in your hand. Chill. Get lost in the wilderness of nature while on the ride tubes. It is a satisfyingly unique experience that will truly make you want to stay. 

Other adventure facilities such as an infinity pool, souvenir shop, and overnight accommodation will soon be opened in the park.

Muraw Beach

Photo Courtesy | Grisham Earl

Fine sand, clear pristine waters, cold breeze, and mountainous terrains. Bring your family with you and immerse in the vast coastline and the blissful scenic view at this hidden paradise beach resort located in Pandan, Catanduanes. 

This place offers tranquility. You can enjoy the view stare at the aquamarine coastal waters and be one with the place.

You can also stay overnight.

Maribina Falls

Summer can be extremely hot, and if you feel like diving into really cold water. These waterfalls located in Cabugao, Bato will satiate you. 

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The 3-tier falls will pay much satisfaction on your entire stay. You can jump off the clip. It is so refreshing. You can also have a peaceful rest under the enormous beautiful trees that surround the place. It is a great place to relax and enjoy yourself with your friends. 

Palumbanes Island 

If you want to see perfectly fine sand, crystal waters, and an untouched paradise, you must check this out.

Palumbanes Island is the fishing paradise of the north and it remained untouched by most tourists. So if you plan to visit this place, you will feel the exclusivity of the place. This place will intrigue your inner Tita side. You’ll just wish to have tranquility and peace of mind forever. It will make your worries fade away. You can also pour your frustrations and shout. No one will judge you here! 

The island can be reached by means of a 30-minute to 1-hour boat ride from the seaport of Caramoran town.

Photo Courtesy | Rabas sa Bicol Facebook Page

A week is not enough to explore the breathtaking sights of the island. The serenity of the place, the warm welcome of the locals, and their delectable cuisine are just a few of the pleasures of your visit to Catanduanes. And it is also budget-friendly.

A trip does not always have to be outrageously costly. You only need the right place to please your eyes and alleviate your exhaustion, and exploring the island’s pristine waters is one of the best ways to deal with your busy life. Get re-energized. Return to your city with a more optimistic vibe.

Visit the happy island, the land of the howling winds.

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