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Tips For Fresh Graduates

Tips For Fresh Graduates

The batch ’22 already graduated and are all ready to face the real world. Terrified and excited seems to be the perfect words to describe the feeling. They are preparing their curriculum vitae and portfolios to look for a job. This is the time when they are hit by the fact that after a few months, they would not be fresh graduates but unemployed if they do not land any work. That is why I have prepared a list of tips for fresh graduates that will help them on their journey of job-hunting.

Tips For Fresh Graduates

Assess Yourself as a Graduate

Assessing yourself means knowing who you are. You have to master your strengths and work harder to overcome your weaknesses. These things are what you are going to include in your curriculum vitae and your possible answers to interviews.
By assessing yourself, you can identify your edge over other candidates. Doing this could also make you stand out among the crowd and confidently know what companies to apply to and what job position you should choose.

Prepare Your Resume

A well-crafted resume is a key to landing a job. You have to be in the shoes of the interviewer to understand what they are looking for. Keep in mind that they do not have a clue about who you are. Your resume is your representative and it might as well represent your best qualities.

In crafting one, the first thing you should avoid is using templates online. A personalized resumé is appreciated well by companies. Also, make sure to include both your soft skills and hard skills for them to know you professionally. Lastly, do not oversell yourself because it could look a little conceited. Give them what they want but do not give them everything. Save something for the interview.

Use Your Connections

College is the transition from school to office. You have to create a line of connections to make job-seeking a bit easier. A few recommendation letters and a little nudge to a certain company can help you have job offers, some even better than entry-level ones. These connections could be from organizations inside and outside your school. Take note that it is better to join organizations that are related to your program.

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Your professors, admin, and schoolmates can also help you build a strong professional connection. Especially your lecturers, they sure know people from work that could help you find a job. However, do not fully rely on them. You still need to exert more effort yourself.

Statistically, over 1.6 million students are expected to graduate this year. They also have their own set of skills so you have a lot of competition. Make sure you are equipped with the right gear because that is your weapon as you hunt for a job.

Remember, you have all the knowledge from studying for so many years, it is your time to apply them in the real world.

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