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How Unfortunate Batch ’22 is

How Unfortunate Batch ’22 is

After another academic year, graduation season is finally here.

The graduation hymn plays louder and louder as this batch prepare for their most awaited day. Schools are celebrating successes of their students. Graduation photos flooded social media platforms. Some graduates are already on vacation trips as their reward after long years of studying. Others are already working after being absorbed by their internship companies while some took a time off to prepare for licensure examinations.

Unlike past batches, graduates of 2021-2022 are more eager to finish college. They are more excited to finish this chapter of their lives and start the next one. This is because they suffered numerous shortcomings, changes, and dilemmas that affected their lives and future.

First batch of K-12

After completing the tenth grade, students under the new K-12 education curriculum are required to finish another two years in Senior High School since it is said to be the global standard. The Department of Education trusts this curriculum will produce globally-competitive students.

However, critics, parents, and students, themselves believe that it will only be two more years of burden. Unimaginable adjustments and rash decisions were made by this batch during tenth grade. They must choose among newly-introduced strands that encompass their college programs. Some claim this batch as lab rats since they were the first ones to undergo the K-12 program in the country.

Distance Learning

Everyone suffered due to the pandemic. All businesses, organizations, and even educational institutions halted their transactions. To continue the studies of students, the government introduced distance learning. This is divided into the online and modular modes of learning to adjust for the students’ needs.

Yet, various problems arose as the new learning setup started. Slow internet connection, lack of devices, and intensified financial needs are a few of the challenges of most Filipino students. Not to mention the diminished learnings that can only be taught properly in schools.

Programs that require laboratories, equipment, and application examinations did not proceed properly. Some students had it difficult to function in an unsuitable learning environment – especially those who are in slums and far-flung areas.

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Lack of on-the-job experience

Internships play a huge role in the preparation of students for employment. This is their chance to apply all theories they learned in school. They can also grasp the processes of a work environment through this. However, the pandemic forced schools to prohibit face-to-face internships. This may cause huge adjustments for both graduates and companies since they are almost starting from scratch.

Employers look for students who understand their way around their work. Hence, job opportunities may be affected by their lack of training. Admit it or not, graduates prefer working in an environment where they have a background of. Hands-on skills are one of the massive advantages of internships. Without it, only knowledge and personality are the qualities of applicant.

Alumni of batch 2022 cannot turn back time and frown upon the unfortunate events that happened to them. Despite all hindrances, the graduates managed to equip themselves with knowledge they learned and skills they developed. Wishing them the best of luck on their next journey – may that be a fortunate one.

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