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TikTok Advocates Kindness and Respect to Help Prevent Cyberbullying

TikTok Advocates Kindness and Respect to Help Prevent Cyberbullying

TikTok has become a go-to platform for creative expression online. It also remains a safe and positive environment that has been built on the app. The platform advocates kindness by constantly encouraging its users to treat one another in a friendly and respectful manner. Nurturing a welcoming and supportive community has always been one of TikTok’s commitments. And, the platform continues to hold true to this promise, spreading goodwill among creators and viewers on the app to help prevent cyberbullying.

Many creators have contributed to the inspiring and uplifting atmosphere on TikTok by speaking out against cyberbullying in the videos that they share on their feeds. Through these creators, TikTok users can learn how to protect themselves and the community from negativity. Their content also lends support to anyone who may have been bullied or mistreated by others online. It helps them see that they are not alone. And, that they can always find someone to talk to, who understands what they are going through.

TikTok Advocates Kindness and Respect to Help Prevent Cyberbullying

Here are some inspiring creators along with the uplifting videos they have shared on TikTok:

Inka Magnaye

She has been very open about her past experiences with bullying. She shares that she was bullied for many things growing up. From her teeth, gums, and large eyes, to her body shape, and dark skin color. For this reason, she has chosen to use her voice to advocate against bullying. As well as promote bullying awareness and prevention online.

@inkamagnayeActual things said to me throughout my life #bullying #bullyingawareness #bullies #fyp #foryou♬ i met sarah in the bathroom {slow//reverb} – slow//reverb & Ryan Celsius Sounds

Lyqa Maravilla

The EduCreator talks about cyberbullying in this video. This illustrates the role that spectators may play in empowering cyberbullies whenever they interact with their posts. She says that, because everyone shares in the responsibility of changing that paradigm. We must strive to be disruptors instead of enablers and aggressors whenever we witness instances of cyberbullying.


In this video, creator Japboy teaches viewers how they can stop cyberbullying by checking their own reactions and comments before posting them online. To make sure that they aren’t being bashers themselves. 

@japboy45Let’s stop cyber bullying. #learnwithjapboy #motivation #edukasyongpinoy #tiktoku #notocyberbullying♬ Intro – The xx

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Creators @chuckandjoe call for respect. And, say no to discrimination and cyberbullying in this video. This also encourages viewers to stop hate, and spread love instead.

@chuckandjoeRESPECT 🌈 #notohomophobia #antidiscrimination #motivationph #stopcyberbullying♬ original sound – Chuck and Joe

Together with these inspiring creators, TikTok also takes steps to address important issues. Like, cyberbullying and negativity on the platform through movements such as its recently-launched #CreateKindness campaign.

This global campaign and creative video series aim to raise awareness about online bullying. And, the power of kindness and inclusion in battling discrimination and hatred online. As part of this ongoing initiative, an animated video series will be launched on the @TikTokTips account. This tells the real stories from six animator-creators that offer perspectives on how to counter bullying. It exposes the true impact that harmful behavior can have on a person. And, remind the community why everyone needs to work together to prevent this.

TikTok encourages everyone to participate in the #CreateKindness hashtag challenge by posting videos on the platform. It shows heartwarming moments and leaving comments that can inspire others to spread kindness, too. Choose, celebrate, and create kindness every day. Help spread positivity on TikTok, and do your part to prevent cyberbullying online.

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