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Colourette CEO Nina Ellaine vows to donate sales for political prisoners and ‘wrongly accused’

Colourette CEO Nina Ellaine vows to donate sales for political prisoners and ‘wrongly accused’

Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera is launching a payday donation drive. It is for organizations helping political prisoners and those who are “wrongly accused.” If you do not know her, she is the founder and CEO of the local makeup brand Colourette Cosmetics.

After being linked to the alleged sale of COVID-19 vaccination slots, Nina Ellaine made the announcement on social media.

Nina Ellaine said in a social media post,

“Though it was painful that I had to shell out money just to defend myself, it also reminded me of my privilege.”

The businesswoman admirably recognized her privilege in the post. She talked about how it would’ve been different for another person.

“I had a legal team who was ready to do whatever it takes to topple the accusations. But it made me think – how about those people who don’t have the same resources as I do?”

“How are they able to defend themselves from accusations that, most of the time, haven’t gone through due process? But that’s the thing – most of the time, they aren’t able to defend themselves.”

Colourette Cosmetics and Fresh Formula took part in Lazada and Shopee’s “payday sale” last June 15. She also talked about how these brands will donate their sales. In the post, she said,

I am elated to inform everyone that on Lazada and Shopee’s Payday Sale this June 15, @heycolourette & Fresh Formula is donating 100% of its SALES to a group that works for the protection, rights, and welfare of the wrongly accused, and the political prisoners in the Philippines.”

Last week, Nina Ellaine took to Twitter to air her concern about how she was “dragged into the scheme.” She exposed screenshots of an alleged conversation with someone selling COVID-19 vaccine slots. The Philippine National Police (PNP) ended up identifying the businesswoman as a suspect in the alleged vaccine-for-sale scheme. She was charged with estafa, violation of the Anti-Red Tape Law, and the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. However, PNP Chief Gen. Guillermo Eleazar later ordered the charges to be dropped. He said the businesswoman should not have been included in the criminal complaint.

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