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This Young Filipina-British Designer had her collection strut at London Fashion Week

This Young Filipina-British Designer had her collection strut at London Fashion Week

23-year-old Filipina-British Designer Cabrini Roy is claiming a name for herself in the industry for her creations which feature timeless yet trendy styles, harping on her dual heritage.

She made waves with her recent work that showed minimalist designs mixed with just the right amount of femininity. Her unique sartorial vision is a sight to behold which is why she struck attention and a spotlight in England.

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In case you missed it: Cabrini showcased her Maria Clara-inspired collection at the recently concluded London Fashion Week earlier this year. Furthermore, she also sparked the interest of Vogue UK, giving her a feature in their October 2019 issue!

Here in the country, she has already worked her magic for the likes of Nadine Lustre, Ylona Garcia, Julie Anne San Jose, and more.

In an interview with Preview Philippines, Cabrini described her brand as minimal, “I’m drawn to garments and colors that are minimal and clean but I love contrasting it with bold silhouettes. My design philosophy is “less is more” [less in design] but the quality and thought process behind a garment is deeper. I [also feel strongly] about sustainability and slow fashion so I think about the different ways each garment can be worn and styled many times without it being out of trend. In any season, it’s the originality of the design that makes it timeless.”

She treats clothes as wearable piece of art. The ways one can style it are endless and she knew ever since that this what brings out the fire within her. This brand of hers exudes her passion for aesthetics.

“I begged my parents for a sewing machine for my 13th birthday. And it was the first time I ever made a garment. I adored the idea of creating something out of nothing; that you can turn and transform a piece of fabric into something so beautiful.”

Moreover, Cabrini attributes her inspiration and success to her cross culture British and Filipino. For her, it is her edge in the game.

Wow, Filipinos making it abroad just goes to show off the country being home to the world’s brightest.

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