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Who said safety can’t be cool? Introducing Star Wars inspired face shields

Who said safety can’t be cool? Introducing Star Wars inspired face shields


As we usher in the ‘new normal,’ we have to be extra careful when going outside. With the virus still out in the open, we are required to follow several health protocols, including the regular use of face masks and face shields.

Yeah, we know, wearing them is quite a hassle! But who said we can’t make it stylish and cool? After all, they’re our new “makeup” in this pandemic since we must protect our face from harm and contracting the virus.

Meet High and Mighty PH: Star Wars face shields

We recently came across High and Mighty PH, a store in the country which sells lightweight, easy-to-use face shields made of acrylic and carries them in two designs which are a big hit among Star Wars fans: Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper.

Photo Credit: Esquire Magazine PH

It comes in various versions and sizes that can cater to kids as well. If you’re not a fan of the hit sci-fi, they also have plain ones available.

For sure, copping this heavy duty, reusable PPE can not only dodge the virus but also the boredom of those who’ll wear it. Currently, there are 24,787 COVID-19 positive patients in the Philippines, with a total of 1052 deaths. It’s better be cautious than regret it.

We have a message among frontliners and local workers: May the force be with you!

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