LOOK: Nadine Lustre immortalized as modern-day Disney princesses


The shutdown of the leading media network, ABS-CBN has led the legions of fans longing for their most faved celebrities. One of those actresses we’ve been missing so much is Kween Nadine Lustre. But no need to fret for fans out there as she was recently immortalized as Disney Princesses. These artworks might be your greatest solace now that they are so out of reach.

Jether Gregorio of Romblon has recently released a series of illustration of Disney Princesses on her social media accounts, but the faces and fashion style of Nadine. Jether, who seems to be a huge fan of the young actress, is also a fashion illustrator and a mobile digital artist. Art comes in many forms and reimagining a Filipina actress in digital fan art is a crossover we’re longing to see.

I’ve been a huge fan of Nadine since Diary of Panget Days which was way back 2014. All my artworks are mostly for her and I’ve been planning to make a Disney Princess Series. This ECQ has given me so much time to express my creativity by doing this digital artwork. I thought of reimagining her into Disney Princesses with her own fashion style,“Jether said.

We have dreamt of a Filipina portraying as a Disney Princess. Having it happen in real life might be a far-fetched dream, but seeing these amazing artworks might not be a long shot after all. Calling Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, might be the next move of fans should ABS-CBN doesn’t reopen soon enough. Naturally, fans are going wild over it and have even clamored for paper dolls.

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During this ECQ, imagination and creativity are our best friends and Jether has been putting it to good use. Scroll further to check out these amazing artworks and let us know who’s character is your favorite.

Nadine as Snow White

Nadine’s Snow White version is a chic and fashion-forward lass.


Nadine as Cinderella

Cinderella might have spilled the royal tea on this badass look and check out those glass slippers which was turned into to-die-for boots and a matching iconic clock bag.

Nadine as Aurora

ECQ might have forced Aurora to awaken in our lives right now as we go the escapist route a la Sleeping Beauty, but this artwork is in a post-ECQ raring to party mode with her favorite milkshake.

Nadine as Ariel

Ariel? Nah, but a modern-day Dyesebel might just be on the horizon and this is how she’ll look. This version also has a Poison Ivy twist on it.

Nadine as Belle

Belle is a known dreamer just like Nadine who makes things possible. Can’t wait for a Filipino adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast with James Reid. Surely, it will be a hit.

Nadine as Jasmine

Who wouldn’t give anything to be in a Disney Movie? With her morena skin, this might just be Nadine’s best shot. Look at how she can easily pull it off.

Nadine as Pocahontas

Nadine, with her oriental beauty as perfectly illustrated in this artwork, is really fitting as Pocahontas.

Nadine as Mulan

Nadine might not look like a warrior Princess here, but being a strong woman that she is, makes her perfect as a modern-day Mulan.

Nadine as Tiana

Tiana turns into an edgy punk rock fashionista just like the usual Nadine slaying looks.

Nadine as Rapunzel

Rapunzel shows how to live life to the fullest while in lockdown and Nadine’s version of the “Queen of Quarantine” is a K-pop look. She couldn’t be any more perfect with this illustration.

Nadine as Merida

Merida is flawed as she is stubborn, but just like Nadine who’s not afraid of how people see her, she’s never afraid to reinvent and change. Look at how fierce she is on this.


These bits of digital fashion art are truly the best. Let us know who’s Disney Princess is perfect for her to portray and what fashionable look will you opt to choose post ECQ. Way to go Jether!

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