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Thinking of Moving to Siargao? Here Are Things to Consider

Thinking of Moving to Siargao? Here Are Things to Consider

Living in the city can be a bit draining at some point, especially with racked-up cost of living, polluted and crowded places, and all the other stressors you absorb. No wonder, a lot of people are leaving the city to settle and live a quieter and more peaceful life in the province.

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A lot of people have moved to provinces already to enjoy a much simpler life. Even celebrities like Andi Eigenmann and Nadine Lustre have moved permanently in Siargao. Though moving to this place might be an exciting idea, there are several important factors to consider when making such a move and here are those.

Life is slow

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If you are used to living in the city, you might find it amazing how slow and relaxed life can be in Siargao. People in this place have all the time day need. Which is why they have the time to relax, meditate, and play without neglecting their responsibilities in house and in work. If you’ve gotten used to the hustle and bustle of the city, moving here in Siargao might be overwhelming for you at first. But if you are looking for somewhere more laid-back, then the island life is for you.

Motorcycle as the mode of traveling

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Motorcycles are the main mode of transportation in Siargao. Since the island is small, it is rare for people to go around in cars and in other private vehicles. And so, if you are considering moving in Siargao for good, then you should know how to ride a motorcycle. Going around the island in a motorcycle will save you a lot of time. You can either rent one or even buy one.

Life is simple

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Life in Siargao is simple. And so, living here will teach you how to be grateful in the simplest things in life and for everything that you have. Before moving in, you should be able to appreciate having fewer material possessions and be open to trying new things. Afterall, it is the gorgeous beach, natural wonders, and friendly people whom you will be with once you move in.

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Resources can be limited

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There are unlimited resources and services when you are living in the city. But once you move in to Siargao, all of it will be limited. Finding specific medical assistance, and having the convenience of choosing particular brands of products can be challenging in this place. Aside from that, food items can also be limited on the island. So, you should be creative when it comes to cooking healthy and nutritious food.

These are just some of the few things you should consider before moving in to Siargao. Is this the kind of life you’ve been dreaming of living? If so, then start planning and live the best of your life in Siargao!

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