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Mahumaling sa ganda ng Jomalig — the hidden gem of Quezon Province

Mahumaling sa ganda ng Jomalig — the hidden gem of Quezon Province


When someone plans for a vacation or a quick getaway, the places automatically laid on the table are the beaches we have all come to know and love. Boracay. Siargao. Palawan. Not usually suggested — a hidden gem of a place, really — is Jomalig Island, located in Quezon Province.

The shores of Jomalig Island | Photo courtesy of JP Swing (IG: @jaypeeswing)

The island’s name is derived from the word “Humalik,” one of the best love story legends of the province. 

Long story short, the daughter of the leader of the island has a suitor from a neighboring land. The leader challenged the young man but failed. Accepting his defeat, the young man asked for a kiss before he left, and the people of the island began to shout “Humalig,” which urged the maiden to kiss the young man goodbye.

Definitely a love story for the books!

The road (or waters) to Jomalig Island!

Jomalig is the farthest island municipality of Quezon, requiring a 4-6 hours boat ride from Ungos Port, Real, Quezon.

Boatride to Jomalig Island in Ungas Port, Real | Photo courtesy of Jodel Balastigue

The rate varies from Php 100 to Php 300 per day.

Of beaches and reputations…

The reason why many travelers call Jomalig a desert paradise in the middle of the ocean is because of the golden grains it possesses. The island boasts a wide array of gold and white beaches — a sight to behold!

Desert paradise of the Philippines — Kanaway beach | Photo courtesy of Jodel Balastigue

Of course, expected in its humble assets are two golden plains of sand. The Kanaway Beach on the east side, which faces the Pacific Ocean, and the Salibungot Beach on the west, which faces Lamon Bay.

A sunset in Salibungot Beach | Photo courtesy of Sylvester Sy

Jomalig in the grapevine!

The beaches certainly received good feedback from travelers.

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For instance, according to Jodel Balastigue in his narrative in his Adevturous Lens blog, after a long travel from Metro Manila, they were “rewarded with the striking scenery of the island’s natural beauty and were greeted by one of the kindest people, the Jomaligins.”

In the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) Enhanced Community Empowerment through Science and Technology (E-CEST) project last 2017, they have mentioned how the long, tiring commute was worth it when the Jomaligins received and greeted them.

The warm welcome charged their social and energy batteries!

Lingayen Cove | Photo courtesy of Sylvester Sy

With picturesque scenes to witness wherever you look, and with warm locals to guide and welcome you to boot, Jomalig Island is definitely worthy of a space on your bucket lists!

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