Differences between living in the province and the city

We always compare how it feels like living in a provincial area to an urban city. People think that provinces are only filled with trees. No crowded places. And, that animals are commonly everywhere and not living in cages. People think that living in a province remains better than in a developing place in the country. Sure, province life is much more serene and stress-free living compared to the big city. However, advantages exist when you live in the city.

Differences between living in the province and the city

Advantages of living in a province

First, less air pollution. Everyone knows that due to the greater number of greenery than the human population. The air we breathe there remains fresher and healthier.

Second, it has more soil – perfect for plants than cemented ones. Planting crops to have vegetables for meals can make one spend less money.

Third, the summer season feels a little less hot as trees help absorb the heat from the sun. Aside from that, it also helps prevent one to get sunburn or rashes.

Fourth, no heavy traffics, no loud car engines, and less smoke from cars.

Fifth, gadget use will remain lesser than usual. You can enjoy the sights more than the pictures on social media.

Sixth, no need for pools or popular beaches. Even a small stream pr river will give you a good swim. Also, taking it as you took the whole place into a reservation.

Seventh, owning a form becomes an advantage. The most exciting part will be the harvest season. It feels so relaxing and thrilling when checking if the fruit or the vegetable can be picked or not.

Eighth, buko (coconut), banana, jack fruit, cacao, sugar cane, mango, guava can be eaten for free. It only grew everywhere in the province. Plus, it also allows neighbors to treat each other as relatives and exchanging food and fruits to share.

Nevertheless, some choose to live in the city. We can’t really blame them. There’s something that the city can offer that some small provinces just cannot.

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Advantages of living in the city


First, cities can be a country’s proof that they have started developing. It has buildings with technologies that make one’s life easier.

Second, it has more job opportunities. Compared to the provincial wage rate, a city offers a larger amount salary.

Third, the city also has countless options for museums to visit. Plus, it has restaurants with delicious flavors that will savor one’s tongue.

Fourth, we can visit amusement parks with rides and activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Fifth, government offices also remain close. Especially, when you want to process important documents that are mostly one ride or a few hours away.

Sixth, based on my own experience, living eighteen years in my provincial hometown, I have a lot of wonderful memories there that I will forever cherish.

Seventh, I am starting to collect great experiences here in the city. I find it really different but, at the same time, it still feels awesome.

Provinces may sound boring to others. But to some, it is a perfect place to organize your mind, forget your problems in a while, and realize things. Meanwhile, living in the city, you might say it is too messy, too crowded, and too loud. But, you don’t realize the fun and excitement it brings you when an event takes place.

Well, go ahead and live within those two places as long as you enjoy your life in that place where comfort remains available and you feel safe living in it. Your happiness remains the most important thing – whether it be in a city or a province.

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