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The Philippines should make similar mobile apps that reduce food waste

The Philippines should make similar mobile apps that reduce food waste

Food waste remains a worldwide issue. All of us dream of a world with no food waste. Every day, a lot of people are working on making that a reality. However, each year, a third of the food produced in the world still goes to waste. Aside from that, it’s also responsible for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions. The Philippines is currently on its way to lessening food waste through programs like Savour Planet 2019.

However, the fact that not many people know about this can be a little ineffective. Looking at other countries, they’ve made impressive moves to lessening food waste with technological advances. There are mobile applications in the world that make quality affordable food to all while stopping perfectly good and delicious meals from being wasted.

Here are international mobile applications that reduce food waste


According to their website, the idea of using technology to connect people and empower them to reduce food waste started in Denmark. They quickly adopted it around Europe with entrepreneurs who had the same ambition and passion for what would bring more sense to our food system. Their app currently became the world’s largest B2C marketplace for surplus food, connecting users with businesses that have surplus food.


According to their website, the mobile app started after 650 people backed up their Kickstarter campaign. Having a major collective statement against food waste, they featured over 85 media channels in eight different countries. They have supporters, restaurants, intuitions, and users that recognize and provide them the right tools against food waste in America.


According to their website, it all started with one phone call that was dismissed as a common everyday occurrence even in Canada. Yet, it remains a norm in the food industry including groceries and/or supermarkets. They had the idea that they could buy food nearing its best before the date of its expiration at a discount from his phone. Then, they’ll pick it up right at their own doorstep.


According to their website, the Australian mobile application remains a food donation platform where people can pick their food up directly at the shops that want to donate the food skipping the whole chain of intermediates. As a food donation platform, the less fortunate will have a special and personal code. This allows them free daily purchases. These codes, on the other hand, will come from certified charities or the local store can nominate their own preferred charity.

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