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The Only ‘Only Child’ of the Circle

The Only ‘Only Child’ of the Circle

Pros and cons of an only child

When we talk about siblings and our frustrations, my friends seem to relate to each other. Every one of us can be able to know the feeling of being with siblings. Except for one. She is the only one in our circle who is an only child.

The only ‘only child’

Growing up, my friend has only been able to bond with her uncle. Her cousins would come by but she grew up a little distant from them. So, she didn’t technically have those she can constantly play with.

It would sound a little sad but at least she can have most things that she asks her parent. (not that she even asks).

The difficulties of being an only child

Strict parents

Being an only child, her parent doesn’t allow her to just go anywhere. Of course, they stay protective of their only child. She needs to follow all the rules such as the curfew, no overnights, and, of course, no boyfriends. They only have their eyes on her so she wasn’t able to come with her friends most of the time when having get-togethers. Understandable.


With the amount of focus that they have on her, she carries an amount of pressure to do better in everything she does. Parents want to brag about their children and their achievements. In her case, HER achievements.

No playmates

She needs to know how to entertain herself alone. That must be sad for her to play all by herself.

Expected to be independent

Without any siblings, she needs to be independent about many things. Compared to us that has siblings to help us learn things, she has to do it alone. Finding out about

The perks of it all

Of course, there would also be the best sides of being an only child. And it’s not even a consolation for the negative sides.

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No Hand-me-down or old clothes

It’s always new. No old clothes from the eldest siblings (except her cousins). It’s always new. ALL for her to enjoy!

No rival with toys – with EVERYTHING

She doesn’t have to share her things with anyone. New phone? Only hers. Pasalubong? All for herself. Chocolates? ALL HERS!

No issues with the attention or love of parents

She doesn’t have to beg for any attention or love from her parent. She has no one to share her parent’s love with. So, she gets showered with every bit of it.

With or Without Siblings

See, both have their pros and cons. It’s a good thing that my friend can find a sibling within our circle.

She doesn’t need to wish for a sibling, she will always have the sibling in us, anyway.  

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