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The Last Man Standing Is A Woman: Hidilyn Diaz being an Olympian

The Last Man Standing Is A Woman: Hidilyn Diaz being an Olympian

hidilyn diaz

Hidilyn Diaz is a Filipina weightlifter who recently bagged the gold medal for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics last Monday, July 26. Also known as Staff Sergeant Hidilyn Francisco Diaz, she won as the champion by lifting a 127-kilogram weight that brought honor to the Philippines. The netizens, then, stated that the last man standing is a woman because Diaz won through weightlifting. It’s believed that her winning is a breakthrough in breaking the gender norms. Yes, women can lift objects and do “manly” acts, just like men can be graceful and feminine, too.

The Last Man Standing Is A Woman: Hidilyn Diaz being an Olympian

In a world full of misogyny, Diaz proves that women can be strong and powerful too. Aside from her golden hands that show her sacrifices. She also experienced being brought down by others when she struggled financially. In contrast to that, she’s the first Filipino woman to win gold in the Olympic competition.

However, her power and burning passion still reign! More people took Diaz‘s win as an inspiration for women to be more progressive and to not leave them on the bottom.

Hidilyn Diaz
The Philippine Star

Breaking the stigmas of sexism can be quite challenging for years. Although she didn’t break it, she gave it a huge dent and crack by lifting a hundred kilo of weights along with her golden-stained callouses brought by her intensive training. To add to this, the generation today is mostly composed of men having fragile masculinity that get intimidated by powerful women. So we, women should go forth and make more progress!

We do not want to be superior to men. We want to be equal to them.

Some women don’t belong as housewives. Some women shall not remain inside the kitchens. Women can be different, they can be out there hustling, and lifting weights like a man. No one should limit any woman and tell them what they must or must not do. Women can train and teach people to be who they want to be.

Train With Hidilyn Diaz: In hopes of setting up a training project

Hidilyn Diaz and coach
Philippine Star

Recently, Diaz revealed that she plans on training kids who are interested in weightlifting. Upon her arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, she told the reporters about her plans for training future weightlifters:

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“Maraming sumusunod sa akin, ang daming batang sumunod. Ang gusto ko ngayon is gagawa ako ng project…siguro I’ll do a project, ‘Train with Hidilyn Diaz,’ so para malaman nila kung paano mag-train ang isang Hidilyn Diaz and ‘yung support na kailangang maibigay.”

Many are following me. What I want now is to set up a project, maybe I’ll do a project, ‘Train With Hidilyn Diaz,’ so that they would know how a Hidilyn Diaz trains, as well as the support needed to be given.

Who knows? Any of those kids could become a future Olympian too! Once again, congratulations, Hidilyn Diaz for bagging the gold medal. May you inspire more kids to follow their dreams.

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