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3 Kulit Moments of Margielyn Didal That Will Make Your Day

3 Kulit Moments of Margielyn Didal That Will Make Your Day

Margielyn Didal is known for her sportsmanship that caught people’s hearts during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Moreover, her fun personality made her stand out among other contenders, and some even loved the way she presented the winner. Furthermore, her empowering attitude and her beautiful smile made her win everyone’s heart, which is more than the medal itself. Now, we get to see more of her cheeky attitude as some of her videos surface around TikTok!

3 Kulit Moments of Margielyn Didal That Will Make Your Day

As I browse my For You Page, I came across Magielyn‘s kulit moments uploaded by her and different people. To add to this, here are some of her kulit-caught-on-cam videos that could make your day!

When people wanted to take a picture with her but Margielyn has other plans…

As this cheeky Filipina skater joined the Olympics, she managed to meet her fans. And just like any other fan, they would like to take a picture with her by giving her their phones. However, her fun side made her do something different. In the end, she took the photos and returned the phones to the owners. For sure, she is the fun friend in a group!


Ang kulit ni Margielyn! Masayang kabonding ito for sure! #SeaGames2019 #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Timmy – Timmy

When Margielyn met the President and they dabbed on camera.

Nothing’s more fun when you’re in a formal event yet you managed to add a little bit of flavor during the moment. Moreover, when Margielyn met and shook hands with the president back in 2019, she seemingly told him to do the dab. Oh, the coolness of her!


#margielyndidal my spirit animal hahaha #fypシ #foryoupage #olypmics #duterte #teamph 🇵🇭 #tiktokph

♬ Sweet but Psycho(Remix) – 南辰Music

When she shows how powerful she is during the Olympics that she made the people around her pout.

No, she didn’t make people sad, I wouldn’t include it in here if it won’t make your day. Moreover, Margielyn managed to goof around the people around her using the pout filter from TikTok. Her laughter is evident as she laughs about the people around channeling their inner Angelina Jolie!


had to post this 😂

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♬ Monyong – David Mackle

Bonus video, when she failed to do her trick yet she just laughed it out right after she fell from her skateboard.

Now that’s a win-win attitude that we wanted. She may not bag any medals but she has that winner attitude where she’s already happy and contented by just enjoying her moment during the Olympics.


Isang pagsaludo, Margielyn Didal! #olympics #margielyndidal #margiedidal #skateboarding

♬ Permission to Dance – BTS

Those are just some of her kulitan moments on camera. Although we haven’t encountered her whole personality, we can already tell how fun she is to be with!

margielyn didal and the winner
Courtesy of Philippine Star

Still, congratulations, Margielyn Didal for representing our country. Your cheeky smiles and winning attitude made you win the people’s hearts all around the world. You truly are an empowered woman who empowers other women!

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