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Here’s why Ayn Bernos is fit to be a Miss Universe Philippines candidate

Here’s why Ayn Bernos is fit to be a Miss Universe Philippines candidate

Ayn Bernos on Miss Universe Philippines

The list of candidates for the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 was posted on the organization’s official Facebook page last Monday, July 19. TikTok content creator Ayn Bernos made her fans and the TikTok community excited as she joined the national pageant. Moreover, the Twitter community also hyped her up as her name trended in the Philippines.

Here’s why Ayn Bernos is fit to be a Miss Universe Philippines candidate

1. #ProudMorena moments

In one of her TikTok videos, she told her followers that she once filtered her photos to have fair skin because of society’s beauty standards. Now, she embraces her natural morena skin and inspired her followers to be proud of the skin they have. She became an inspiration to her fellow Filipinas who also have brown skin. Now, she uses her platforms to speak up for those who view their morena skin as a flaw.

In addition, many years have passed that being fair would be considered beautiful in the Philippines. Now, Ayn wants to raise the flag of the morenas and to end the harmful effects of those beauty standards.

2. She dreamt of becoming a beauty queen

Nothing would be more qualified than a person who has that burning passion for becoming a beauty queen. Just like the iconic queens: Pia Wurtzbach who made the famous line ‘I am confidently beautiful with a heart,’ and Catriona Gray whose gowns have meaningful designs, they both have that burning passion in common.

Furthermore, in Ayn’s recent Instagram post, she shared that her promise to her younger self has been fulfilled because she became a Miss Universe candidate this year.

Nangarap ako. Kumapit ako. At noong nagkaroon ng pagkakataon, nagpakita ako.

She even posted a video of her doing the model walk because a fan encouraged her because of her complete package personality.

3. She has the brains

In her TikTok account, most of her videos consist of educational content. Furthermore, she teaches proper English in her videos. She also became an English teacher when she moved to Spain. More than that, her TikTok videos show how she answers some comments. To add to this, she also talks in webinars and has a business: Morena The Label. She really is a woman full of wit and confidence, a perfect fit in becoming a beauty queen!

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4. She shouts body positivity

Just like any other person who empowers others, Ayn also inspired her fans to love their body. Moreover, our body keeps us alive during this pandemic, so let us try not to abuse our bodies just to fit in the standards. Just like what this beauty queen said:

“Celebrate your body at every stage.”

5. She is  a confident queen

Last but not the least, let us not forget to add the confidence of Ayn as one of her edges in becoming a beauty queen. She is confident taking pictures with a bare face. Many people have also been criticizing her as much as many people love her. But, her confidence makes her calm in every negative comment about her. Moreover, a true queen as she is doesn’t mind any basher who won’t add any value to her. #QueenThings

As Ayn Bernos ventures on her childhood dream journey, let us not forget to support her. Win or lose, she will always be our morena queen that everyone loves. Break a leg, Ayn!

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