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The Benefits of Investing in an Advanced Water Purification System

The Benefits of Investing in an Advanced Water Purification System

Safe drinking water is water that is free from contaminants or substances that can cause  illness or harm when ingested. It is important to have access to clean and safe drinking  water to maintain good health and prevent waterborne diseases.  

Global leader in home and workplace hydration solutions Waterlogic, transformed drinking water in the Philippines with the world’s most advanced water purifier, the Aqua SmartGuard

Patented purification technology 

The Aqua SmartGuard water purifiers adopt a patented and most-advanced Firewall UVC  technology. It guarantees up to 99.99 percent protection against bacteria, viruses and  cysts such as salmonella, E.coli and the COVID-19 virus. The water purifier features a  unique quartz double helix. It ensures targeted light waves reach each drop of water at  the point of dispense for utmost purification. 

The patented UVC Firewall acts as a barrier to prevent pathogens from infecting the  water. Water flows up and down through the Firewall, exposing it to the UVC light. It then frees it from harmful bacteria as soon as it leaves the nozzle. 

Besides alcohol and disinfectants, more Filipinos have turned to ultraviolet (UV) solutions. This is to make sure that their homes and things they use are safe from COVID-19. Studies have  shown that UV light, specifically UVC or the third type of UV ray in the ultraviolet spectrum,  effectively reduces pathogenic and nonpathogenic organisms such as bacteria and  viruses, including the virus that causes COVID-19. UVC works by altering the structure  and molecular bonds of microbes’ DNA, preventing them from moving or multiplying.  Among the three types of UV rays, UVC radiation requires the shortest amount of time. It only takes a few seconds to kill bacteria and viruses. 

When it comes to purifying water, UVC works best with mechanical filtration systems. It makes sure that the purification process will yield safe and healthy drinking water. This is  where the Firewall systems come in. 

A team of microbiologists from the University of Arizona led by Dr. Charles P Gerba recently put the Firewall to the test against COVID-19. Results of the rigorous tests  reveal the Firewall inactivates the COVID-19 virus by 99.9999 percent. 

BioCote: Additional protection from the outside 

In homes and offices, utilizing traditional dispensers is a point transfer for viruses and  bacteria. It can be done by mere touch of the machine’s body and buttons. For further protection, Aqua 

SmartGuard features an antimicrobial defense, the BioCote, on its surfaces, including the  purification unit’s outer shell, dispensing buttons, nozzles and tray. 

Exclusive to Aqua SmartGuard units, BioCote uses silver ion technology that keeps  microbial cells from growing on the cube’s external surfaces. It significantly decreases the  presence of microbes on the machine in just 15 minutes and reduces up to 99.5 percent  of bacteria within just 2 hours. 

Unlike other antimicrobial additives, the active agent in BioCote cannot be washed or  rubbed off as it is infused during the manufacturing process and is therefore chemically  bonded to the material. BioCote is able to provide continuous and long-lasting protection  throughout the product’s life span. 

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Besides its innovative technologies and features, the Aqua SmartGuard by Waterlogic  has been recognized and certified by international health organizations such as the Water Quality Association (WQA) and the and the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS). It also meets ISO 9001 and Energy Star standards. 

Aqua SmartGuard’s “cube” purify water via its patented FirewallTM UVC system, is the most  advanced and widely certified water purification technology in the world. 

Experience full insurance, maintenance, replacements and exceptional customer service  for only Php 1,490 a month plus one-time installation fee! Join the water revolution! 

Contact us at (02) 7918-2890 or 0976 141 9707 and visit to learn more.

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