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Styling button-down tops according to David Guison

Styling button-down tops according to David Guison

Are you someone who loves wearing button-down tops, especially polos? Well, we’re here to help you get some style inspo and #OOTD ideas from David Guison! David Guison’s style and aesthetic will surely convince you to get some style inspo from him. His button-down polo #OOTDs are cool! I guess he’s a polo guy based on his #OOTD posts on his Instagram. That’s why this is perfect for you as someone who loves button-down polos. Scroll away and get some ideas from David Guison. You might want to steal some of his #OOTD!

Styling button-down tops according to David Guison

Outfit #1

This mesh purple button-down polo looks so beautiful! The details are on point! David Guison styles it with a pair of blue pants, sunnies, black loafers, and a black bag.

Outfit #2

A pop of color in this whole fit look so good! The blue see-through button-down polo is the perfect shade of blue! He styled it with a white tank top, black trouser pants, black sandals, a black bag, black sunglasses, and a necklace.

Outfit #3

David Guison’s errands fit look so clean! He’s wearing a black button-down polo, a white tank top underneath, dark green pants, black shoes, a necklace, a watch, and a tote bag. Errands fit but still serving.

Outfit #4

What a great summer fit! The button-down polo is such a perfect summer clothing piece. It basically can be paired with different clothing pieces for an outfit. In this photo, David Guison is wearing a printed button-down polo, denim shorts, black sandals, a cream tote bag, a necklace, and a green ball cap.

Outfit #5

Getting a break from colored fits, this black and white outfit of him looks so good. He’s wearing a white tank top and button-down polo, black pants, white rubber shoes, and a black bag. Such a basic fit that anyone can copy it!

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Outfit #6

Now, getting back at colored fits. David Guison looks fresh in his cute green floral button-down polo, a white tank top underneath, off-white pants, white rubber shoes, a green bag, and black sunglasses.

Outfit #7

A boracay fit from David Guison. Another summer outfit. The bucket hat makes everything looks perfect for summer. An off-white button polo, white tank top, denim shorts, brown bag, and brown sandals. Love the vibe this outfit is giving off!

Outfit #8

So clean! This kind of fit is always top-tier. Super neat, simple, and very laid back. A go-to outfit! Wearing a white ribbed button-down polo, denim shorts, a black bag, white sunglasses, and a watch, David Guison looks so good and fresh!

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