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Style Inspo: Y2K Outfit Ideas from Andrea Brillantes and Kylie Verzosa

Style Inspo: Y2K Outfit Ideas from Andrea Brillantes and Kylie Verzosa

Y2K fashion style is the latest fashion trend. Most people hop on the trend, that’s why it’s understandable that the Y2K fashion style is most people’s favorite trend and style today. Now let’s take a look at Andrea Brillantes and Kylie Verzosa’s Y2K Outfit from their Instagram. You might get some ideas and inspiration from them!

Andrea Brillantes and Kylie Verzosa’s Y2K Outfits

Outfit #1

Looking cute and sexy at the same time, Miss Kylie Verzosa is perfect in the color pink! Wearing a white crop top, a pink mini skirt and pink bag, pink sunglasses, and pink heels, she made it effortlessly look hot and cute.

Photo Credit: Kylie Verzosa via Instagram

Outfit #2

Another gorgeous girl wearing pink. Miss Andrea Brillantes gives a rich stylish teen girl and main character vibe in this outfit of her. She’s wearing, a white crop top and pink cropped long sleeve, a black mini skirt, Air Jordan in black and pink color, black sunglasses, and a black baguette bag. She looks lovely in pink.

Outfit #3

Kylie Verzosa in her diwata and cowboy-inspired look is such a serve! Her coordinating top and shorts look promising, she styled them with a rhinestone belt, black boots, and a black mini bag, and the butterfly clips in her hair made the whole look complete! So pretty!

Outfit #4

You will never go wrong with brown. Andrea Brillantes wearing an all-brown outfit looking fine like wine. Her matching brown top and pants complemented her body shape very well, and the arm sleeves and brown sunglasses completed the whole look! Might steal this outfit right away, it’s very simple!

Outfit #5

Kylie Verzosa never failed to give us fascinating looks with her miniskirts. She’s rocking this y2k outfit. With a graphic crop top, black miniskirt, a Kili Kili bag, sunglasses, butterfly hair clip, and clear heels, she looks so pretty! So don’t think twice, wear that miniskirt with confidence and slay!

Outfit #6

One of the go-to outfits for some; is a baby tee and a pair of boyfriend jeans. It’s a whole look already with these two, just like how Andrea Brillantes wore it. Add some accessories and style it the way you want it, then you’re good to go.

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Outfit #7

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate this look and outfit of miss Kylie Verzosa. Wearing a crocheted butterfly top and miniskirt, Prada boots, a black baguette bag, and space buns with butterfly clips, she looks so pretty and bright in orange. Another fabulous ootd!

Outfit #8

Okay, but this outfit? I badly want it! The floral denim coordinates are everything! And how Andrea’s style makes everything perfect. Aside from the floral denim coordinates that are stunning, the accessories and the green sunglasses are such a statement! What a superb outfit!

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