Y2K Style: Dressing like you’re a girl from the early 20s

Today’s generation is the generation of fashionistas. It is during the peak of the pandemic when everyone started finding out what their style is. And now, almost every woman in the world, whatever age they are, is into dressing up—mixing and matching clothes according to their aesthetics.

One of the most popular styles that have become so widely known is the Y2K style. A shorthand term for ‘the year 2000’. Y2K is an aesthetic that was prevalent in popular culture from roughly 1997 to 2004. And now, the resurgence of Y2K is buzzing around the whole fashion world.

And since everyone is into this style, here are a few pieces in order for you to achieve that retro look.

Baby Tees

Photo | Carousell

The most basic and cutest top that is in trend during the early 2000s fashion is the baby tees. It is a top that is cropped above the belly button but has a perfect fit across the shoulder and chest area. Tops like this are usually incorporated with quirky quotes, cute characters, and patterns in front that add up to the whole y2k look.

Wide Legged Denim Jeans

Photo | Carousell

Of course, you can never go wrong with a pair of midrise wide-legged jeans as this is one of the staple pieces in the early y2k fashion. Paired with a baby tee, your retro look is almost complete.

Mini Skirt

Photo | Pinterest

Mini skirts are also very popular in the early 90s that they came back in the early 2000s. If correctly paired with the right top, miniskirts will add a dash to your whole outfit.

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Photo | St-Esprit

And to complete your whole look, a pair of chunky boots is the way to go.  

After two decades after its first appearance, y2k is coming back in style. Truly, what goes around comes around.

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