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‘Stranger Things’ Theories Every Avid Fan Should Know About

‘Stranger Things’ Theories Every Avid Fan Should Know About

Still can’t get over the cliff-hanging ending of Stranger Things season 4?  There are a ton of Stranger Things Theories out on the internet and we picked out the best ones for you!

Eddie’s back

Taking the DND universe into account, Eddie’s death by demo-bats might be good news. This is because these demo-bats are actually vampires. Fans speculate that our guy Eddie Munson will reemerge in Stranger Things season 5 as a vampire.

In her Edward Cullen era, all Eddie Munson fans could do is hope that this theory is true!

Will runs the upside down

When 001 arrived for the first time in this dimension, it was a wasteland with odd creatures and a desert-like landscape. But when during the first season, it is shown that the Upside Down is actually the exact replica of Hawkins. Later in Stranger Things season 4, we are told that Upside Down is a replica of Hawkins the day Will Byer disappeared.

This theory is plausible because how is it that the Upside Down changed? Did Will create it unconsciously? Whatever happened to the wasteland Vecna first encountered?

Vecna is holding Max captive

Max died for a long while until Eleven did the impossible and forced her heart to beat. She is physically alive but whenever Eleven goes into one of her sensory deprivation methods of reaching out, Max is nowhere to be found. The theory suggests that it is because Vecna already has Max. Whatever is lying in that hospital bed is just a shell of who she once was.

Will’s Painting is a foreshadowing 

One interesting Stranger Things fan theory is how Will’s painting tells the future main altercation of the gang with Vecna. Some fans suggest that Vecna will have a powerful dragon monster form and Mike will face it head-on with his friends helping him out.

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Now this one is quite far-fetched but it’s a theory that can turn heads. Some fans actually suggest that 001 is Eleven’s real father. HEAR ME OUT.

El’s power is incredible and much stronger than any other test subject in the Hawkins lab. In this theory, it is concluded that 001 akin powers to El can only be possible if they share the same genes.

Which of these Stranger Things theories will you bet your hat on?

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