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Starbucks x Line Friends Collides in Highlighting Asian Local Culture

Starbucks x Line Friends Collides in Highlighting Asian Local Culture

The very thing that will represent the Philippine heritage and culture is our national symbols such as the Sampaguita flower, Tarsier, Narra, Philippine mangoes, the jeepney, baro’t saya and barong Tagalog, and many more. And it seems that Starbucks x Line Friends understood the assignment as they’ve incorporated into their “city exclusive” featured collection, the Philippine iconic symbols thereby putting a spotlight on our local customs and tradition.

The “city exclusive” of Starbucks was made possible through Line Friends‘ cute and cuddly animal characters named Cony, Sally, and Brown. While these characters go through some Asian countries to explore the embedded lifestyle and traditions in different countries like Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The local design collection is for celebrating the brand’s inspired creation to give recognition and inspiration to the Asian local cultures. Prior to this collection, Starbucks and Line Friends successfully launched their Holiday collection and Earth Day collection.

The City Exclusive Collection featured Starbucks’ go-to merchandising items. The combination of lively-simple themes screams a meaningful depiction of every city which could surely fascinate the fans of the two brands—worldwide. Various social media influencers and users are already flexing their own collection.

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In the Philippines, this will be a unique collection of plastic cold cups, a ceramic mug, tumbler, and a tote bag that has an aesthetic design of sampaguita, halo-halo, and random local spots in the Philippines.

The limited edition items will be available on July 15 in select countries and will run until August 25.

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