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Starbucks opened its largest branch in South Korea, *brb gasping hard*

Starbucks opened its largest branch in South Korea, *brb gasping hard*

Calling all coffee lovers! Starbucks in South Korea just opened their largest branch and it’s more than we ever imagined! Located in the province of Gyeonggi, it instantly made itself a tourist spot with its exquisite design and structure.

Conveniently placed in Yangpyeong County near the Namhan River, this branch marks the coffee giant’s celebration of their 21st anniversary in the country. What better way to make it grand than building another haven for its customers, right? According to Starbucks Asia’s official website, this store boasts of three stories and spans 1,203 square meters (about 13,000 square feet).

In their official statement, Starbucks shared the inspiration behind the concept of the branch, “The new store is a reflection of Starbucks’ commitment to offering more ways for customers in Korea to enjoy the Starbucks experience.”

Aside from its jaw-dropping exteriors, the glass encased coffee house is the first Starbucks of its kind in Korea to have a Reserve coffee bar, Teavana bar, and a drive-thru format all in one location. There is literally nothing unavailabe on their menu!

Plus, guests can marvel at its scenic views, offered by the rooftop portion of the store that is said to host live performances from some of the country’s young local talents in the future.

Be sure to pin this Starbucks branch on your next travel bucketlist once we can go places again! In the meantime, this goes to “saved for later.

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