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Some friendly reminders for those who feel pressured and anxious

Some friendly reminders for those who feel pressured and anxious

Perhaps, we all feel pressured and anxious at some point in our life. We overwhelm ourselves with work, causing us to burnout. Then, our goals become uncertain and our path becomes unclear, probably because of someone or something that gives us hard times.


You just feel tired every single day. You’ll always see yourself in hurry and barely surviving instead of living life. All of these dangerous feelings won’t have any good impact. I once found myself in this situation, and I hate this feeling. It’s suffocating, drowning and stressful. Even though it’s hard to go through, I was able to make a progress, step by step.

So, here are some gentle reminders I would like to share whenever you need some pat on the back after facing pressure and anxiety.

1. Assess yourself

Try to ask yourself at the end of the day: “Are you happy? Are you sad? Do you love what you are doing? Or are you just being forced and pressured?”

Find or make some solutions. When there’s an improvement, if you think it’s good for you, choose it. Choose what will make you feel alive and kicking. Isn’t it great when you live your life the way you always wanted to live it?

2. Embrace your flaws

Accept that you are perfectly imperfect. You can’t do all things and get exactly what you want. We have different skills and capacities. Know that you have weaknesses and strengths. That’s why you don’t need to force yourself to do what you know you can’t. You know yourself the best.

3. Life is not a race

Maybe you are pressured and anxious because of someone or something who triggers you. Always remember that not all they say about you reflect who you really are. Don’t feel like rushing  your own timeline. You’re not in a race, needing to meet the finish line. Life is a journey. Enjoy it and start to walk away from something that won’t help your growth.

These are some friendly reminders I always remind myself when faced with pressure and anxiety. I believe that we all have different coping mechanisms. Yet, one thing is for sure. You’re not late nor early on your own timeline. You’re just at the right time.

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