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Why Forgiveness Doesn’t Require Reconnection

Why Forgiveness Doesn’t Require Reconnection

Forgiveness doesn't require reconnection

Forgiveness itself takes a lot of strength as it involves letting go of the negative emotions caused by someone’s actions. While accepting someone else’s apology might appear simple. It actually demands courage to fully embrace the situation and find inner peace for a person to move forward.

Why Forgiveness Doesn’t Require Reconnection According to Kathryn Bernardo

Mega Magazine | No Looking Back, Only Moving Forward: Kathryn Bernardo is Choosing Herself

Reflecting on the recent Magazine cover’s star, Kathryn Bernardo, it’s important to remember that while forgiveness is possible, it doesn’t necessitate maintaining relationships with those forgiven. To her, forgiving someone allows a pathway to a person’s peace of mind and overall clarity.

Moreover, in the process of forgiving someone, it’s important to allow yourself time. You may need to confront your inner struggles, address past traumas, and come to terms with the situation. Aside from those, extending compassion to yourself for not knowing other options of what you could’ve done is also one way of giving yourself peace.

Kath‘s perspective on forgiveness is applicable to individuals who have negatively impacted the well-being of another one’s actions. Additionally, those who have not added value to your life may also be candidates for a no-reconnection list. Because let us admit it, life is too short to maintain connections with those who have wronged us.

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You don’t need to foster anger, you just need to be done.

Deciding to never reconnect again is just as brave as choosing to forgive and let go of what happened. It’s hard to gather yourself just to reconstruct yourself as it takes effort and self-love to do that. And that’s a valid reason not to reconnect with those who gave nothing to you but to rob your peace of mind. This is a gentle reminder that doing it won’t make you a bad person because you’re only protecting what you’ve rebuilt.

In connection with that, there may be some people from your past who may perceive you as such because they only kept that old version of you. When thoughts of clearing your name arise, remember the effort you’ve invested in self-improvement. Therefore, the new version of yourself won’t be accessible to those people— and they deserve it.

You’re not angry, you’re just done putting up with behaviors that affected you. This perception of forgiveness enables growth, allowing more goodness to come into your life. Furthermore, there are just some connections that should be buried with dignity— no anger nor bitterness, just solely indifference and peace.
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