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Reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others

Reasons why you should stop comparing yourself to others

Sometimes, we often find ourselves in the habit of comparing. We start to be envious, negative, and, worst, we lose ourselves in the process. Comparison might affect your way of living, especially, when you almost depend your worth on it.

Some say comparison is their source of motivation and growth. However, if you overlook yourself in this situation, it will become a dangerous trap. You will just lose control and lose people around you.

Hence, I believe that life will be light and easy if you stop comparing yourself to others. So here are the reasons for you to be reminded of.

1. Waste time and energy

Comparison will totally waste your time and energy. Instead of focusing on yourself, you will always look at others. You never notice how you spend all your time comparing and judging everything. You’ll become unproductive and full of yourself.

2. Self-pity and doubt.

Comparing will eat your self-confidence and worth. You will feel that everything you have and you did will never be sufficient. When in fact you know that you did your best and that’s enough.

3. You will never be happy.

You know how people who always compare themselves are the one who’s unhappy at the end. The habit of comparing will take away your joy. You live your life in sorrows and sadness, even though you know there’s a way out.

4. Stall your growth.

You will never grow if you always compare yourself to others. You should not miss out on the stage of growth. It will help you know more about life and yourself. You will only know if you are growing if you stop comparing.

5. Fear of losing.

Losing is part of growing, but comparing will give you the fear of losing. You should stop the comparison and free that fear from yourself. Life will not always give you winning moments. You have to accept that, sometimes, it will fail, yet it will help you to learn and grow.

Now is the time to walk away from something that will only damage you. Let go of the habit of comparison. Live your life to the fullest, free yourself from doubts, embrace what life has to offer, and continue to live and love more.

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