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The power of saying ‘thank you’

The power of saying ‘thank you’

Have you ever experienced that moment when someone said ‘thank you’ after you did something for them? How did it feel? Did it felt great? That it even replayed on your mind over and over again, making you feel you want to do more good things for other people? Normalizing saying ‘thank you’ in every little thing can lift the goodness of someone’s heart.

For example, when riding on a mode of public transport and someone handed over your fare. Simply thanking them can make them smile.  Deep inside, they feel that their simple gestures are appreciated.

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Remember when someone opened the door for you? Whether they are a guard, a staff or a stranger? Thanking them will make them feel like they are doing the right thing And with this thought, the eagerness to do more good things to others will overflow.


Appreciating someone’s service can make their day a good one, may it be a saleslady assisting you, a cashier billing your purchase, a crew who took your order, or all working personnel. Yes, you can say it is part of their job, meaning it is only natural for them to do it. Yet, appreciating their effort can make them feel lighter when it comes to their job, knowing that someone is grateful for the services they give.


Maybe, sometimes, you might feel shy saying by this phrase. I, myself, had a hard time making myself feel comfortable saying the words ‘thank you’. It felt awkward before. Yet, as you train yourself or practice it every day, even on simple things, you won’t realize that saying these two words will come out naturally to you.

Additionally, when someone hears this two-word phrase, it will be like a virus, but a good virus. They will do the same thing the next time someone or something good happened to them. Little by little, these simple words will spread to the whole community. And by then, everyone would feel appreciated. Consequently, the feeling of appreciation will lead to a good relationship from one person to another.

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Having a good connection can be a bridge to a world where mostly the good exists. To conclude, the power of saying ‘thank you’ can be a starting point for a better society. And a better society can lead to a better world.

Stop the worst virus, and spread the word. And witness the power of the words thank you.

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