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Here’s why you should never ever settle for less nor the bare minimum

Here’s why you should never ever settle for less nor the bare minimum

‘You have to have backbone girl!’ This one-line statement will give you the biggest impression on why you shouldn’t settle for less nor the bare minimum. It came from crazy rich Asian herself Heart Evangelista. She had posted a video on her YouTube channel last February 9. She had implied that you need to be brave for walking away from something that you do not deserve.

Some of us tend to settle for less or accept the bare minimum presented to us despite knowing that there is someone out there who can give you their all. It remains a must to consider living the life you want what know what is truly right for you. Although it sounds like a piece of advice for your romantic relationships, it can also be applied to friendship or in life, in general. So, if you feel like you’re experiencing this situation, take a step back and verify it out for yourself. 

Here’s why you should never ever settle for less nor the bare minimum

You are worth it.

Yes, you’ve read it right. You are worth it. No one can take that away from you. Regardless of your past, status in life, educational attainment, achievements, accomplishments, and anything that society dictates you to have. You are priceless and worthy to have the best love.

You are loved.

You must first know that you deserve to be love. So, you won’t need to question yourself if you are worthy of it. Love is not something you need to beg for. The right person will love you without asking for it. Someone out there will love you wholeheartedly, not because you’re just there for them but because they love you unconditionally.

You deserve better.

Never let yourself be in the situation of a guessing game. You have the right to demand what you think you deserve. Hence, you shouldn’t let yourself be available for someone who’s just present when it is convenient for them. You’re not just an option or a backup plan, you are more than that.

You don’t need someone to complete you.

If you know that you don’t need someone to complete you, you won’t be afraid of losing what is not yours. When you learn to accept and embrace your flaws, you won’t need to seek validation. Thus, you won’t settle for less nor the bare minimum because you know how lovely you are as it is.

How do you know if you’re settling for less or accepting the bare minimum?

Here’s the list to identify if you feel you are having the less and bare minimum treatment from someone.

  1. You’re just an option to them.
  2. They control and manipulate you.
  3. They don’t commit plans with you.
  4. You feel pressured and compared.
  5. There is no vision nor clarity.
  6. There is no assurance and consistency.
  7. Giving you the least even if they can do more.
  8. Compromising on their values or poor behavior.
  9. You don’t feel accepted, appreciated, and respected.
  10. When they hinder you from achieving your dreams.

Stop allowing someone to treat you less than what you deserve. It’s time to set your boundaries and standards.

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