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ShowBT PH launches KAIA, the next big P-pop girl group in the making

ShowBT PH launches KAIA, the next big P-pop girl group in the making

ShowBT Philippines has finally introduced KAIA, their up-and-coming P-pop idol girl group. Following 3 years after the debut of the now extremely successful SB19, this will be the company’s brand new investment in such talents. 

Inevitably, all eyes are on, and expectations have already summited high. But amid this anticipated brewing pressure from the public, KAIA’s journey continues.

These girls are just proving their earnest places. It’s about time to know more about them!


The girl group’s name implies inner character and individuality, derived from the Cebuano word “kinaiya.” Needless to say, it is yet another subtle remark of a flourishing Filipino pride by a Korean agency producing idols.

KAIA means to rise in personality and power despite the frames of any strength and shortcoming. Hence, the word is also homophonous to the Filipino word “kaya” which translates to either “able” or “capable.” 

Like their name, KAIA promises to demonstrate the ability and willpower to set foot to any goal of their success. An initial step but already bears so much impact!

KAIA’s logo

On November 05, together with the unveiling of the group’s name, KAIA took to Twitter to tease their upcoming arrival. They also massively promoted their newly-created accounts on social media including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

However, due to the immense support of the delighted fans, their Twitter account was right away restricted. And on November 08, KAIA made an iconic return on the platform with an official logo reveal as a present.

KAIA’s Official Logo Reveal

Their emblem is a lineal image resembling that of a dragonfly. This plain but sophisticated logo as explained signifies an underestimated appeal

Imbibing beauty, strength, talent, and growth, KAIA will glide through great heights similar to the grace of a dragonfly.

Who are the members?

Revealed officially, are four members as of writing so far. Namely, they are Charlotte, Angela, Sophia, and Alexa. Meanwhile, other details are yet to be announced.

The news about ShowBT’s girl group first went around the later months of 2020. And before the formal confirmation by the management, it resurfaced until earlier this 2021.

Fans speculate that KAIA underwent the same extensive Korean idol system training to make them become the best. With ShowBT catapulting SB19 as the Philippines’ leading pop group— it’s an adapted strategy to train Filipino talents, proven effective.

A reminder before stanning them

As the support for KAIA seems promising, some warned for the imminent foreseen dilemma.

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Fame-riding is a prevalent issue among companies launching multiple talents. To have both groups earn distinguished identity and equal acknowledgments, are the key concerns.

So as a countermeasure, an important callout was made, hopefully reaching the casuals.

Current SB19 fans (who vowed admiration to its sister group) implored giving KAIA the chance to be recognized outside the shadows of their precedents. They urge that the new P-pop girl group must be seen soaring as themselves like any usual artist.

ShowBT Philippines CEO, Charles Kim further supported this in a statement:

“SB19 said KAIA is good. But don’t worry, we have NO intention to free-ride the fame of SB19. I won’t allow that. You will be surprised how good they are when you find them. Please bear with me a bit more. It will (be) worth(y).”

Meanwhile, the uncovering of other information related to KAIA is still ongoing.

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