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Singer Sophia Urista apologizes for leaking something to a fan — no, like, literally urinating on him

Singer Sophia Urista apologizes for leaking something to a fan — no, like, literally urinating on him

Brass Against singer Sophia Urista apologized after she peed on a fan at the stage of her band’s show in Daytona, Florida recently.

Sophia Urista peed on a fan

Sophia is the frontwoman for Brass Against, a New York-based cover band.

A really memorable performance

Unfortunately, she went viral last week and not for the right reasons. This is during her Welcome to Rockville performance. It got controversial when she started to relieve herself in front of a live audience.

It all started when Sophia announced that she can feel that she has to pee, saying,

“I gotta pee, and I can’t make it to the bathroom. So we might as well make a show out of it.”

The 36-year-old rocker then asked a member of the audience, a male fan to lie down on the stage. She then proceeded to drain her bladder while performing Rage Against the Machine’s “Wake Up.”

Apologizing to everyone on Instagram

In the Instagram account of the singer, she said she always pushed her limits onstage. However, she admitted that urinating on a fan was too far. 

“I have always pushed the limits in music and on stage. That night, I pushed the limits too far. I love my family, the band, and the fans more than anything and I know that some were hurt or offended by what I did.”

Sophia apologized to the fan and to everyone offended by the stunt. 

“I apologize to them and want them to know that I didn’t mean to hurt them.”

The vocalist also cleared up that she’s not a shock artist and thanked her fans for the continued support. 

Comments on the post

Her band commented with three heart-shaped emojis.

On the other hand, fans also flooded the comments with messages of support for her stunt.

One fan wrote,

“Please, don’t apologize for being a rock star!! You’re awesome!!”

See Also

Model Camila Costa also told her the pee performance was amazing and awesome! She also shared that it is the most punk rock thing she has ever seen.

Camila Costa reiterated,

“People are [too] sensitive. If was a man would be ok if they were white omg would be soo fine. F–k everyone. I love u.”

My short take on this

Since I wrote about this, I want to give my two cents about it.

As regards Camila Costa’s comment about her being a woman who did the stunt, I politely digress and somehow agree.

I agree with the part that if a man did it, the backlash wouldn’t be this huge. Since men are seen as “innately wild and animalistic, childish.” This is a stereotype and it is absurd.

However, I strongly disagree that it is about Sophia being a woman. What she did was out of the ordinary, and in my opinion, I’ll call it what it is, disgusting. Urine is human waste. What’s so punk rock with that?

Anyways, enjoy your… thing. If that’s acceptable in the genre of music you like, your world, then ok. But in my own views and perspectives, I don’t think this is, in any way, enjoyable.

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